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Thread: RIP Audioslave

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    I'm sure Morello had something to do with that as well...

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    Audioslave was only "fine" to me as well - I never bought either of their CDs though I was pleased with the songs that made it on to the radio.

    I love Chris Cornell's voice, but I found that Soundgarden really softened up after Badmotorfinger... so much so that I found Superunknown too marked a departure for my tastes.

    Rage Against the Machine on the other hand gets me all jacked up. The Battle of Los Angeles will still make it into my car CD player every 6 months or so even though it's been out for 7 years or something. TESTIFY, *****es!!!!!

    Rage coming back to do the show in California as a Bush sendoff is fine, but I guess now they've added 3 or 4 more shows. Sounds like we can officially call it a comeback (though I'm hoping Chuck D. doesn't take offense).


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