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Thread: RIP Audioslave

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    RIP Audioslave

    Looks like Cornell's out, and they're back with that dimwit Zach de la Rocha in a reborn Rage Against the Machine.;_ylt=AoF...WNBSWnhEjMWM0F

    And Cornell's covering "Billie Jean" on his next solo album? Did the guy go nuts or something?
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    This is the right link here:

    this is horrid news as they were one of the only current rock bands I liked.
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    Oh, uh, looks like I copied the wrong link.

    I hear you there, KH. I think the other three are one of the best rock combos, and I'd much rather hear Cornell than de la Rocha any day of the week.
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    $*&@. This is really bad news. I'd loved Audioslave. I knew RATM was reuniting for a single show and the Chris Cornell didn't want to tour to support the newest Audioslave album. But I didn't see the end coming that soon. Such is the fate of a supergroup. You know the funny this is I have never really like RATM and I'm not to big a fan of Soundgarden, but love Audioslave.
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    Huh, I was giddy at the thought of this news but when I read Rage was back together, that made it bad news.

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    I find it kinda funny that Caesar can't like Audioslave. The crack instrumental section of RATM, paired with one of the greatest voices in recent hard rock history...?
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    This news doesn't really surprise me all that much. There were rumors of a break-up since before the first album was released.

    I never really liked Rage. I always said I'd probably like them better if they had a new singer. And when they did get one, I still didn't care for them.
    I did like Soundgarden though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I find it kinda funny that Caesar can't like Audioslave. The crack instrumental section of RATM, paired with one of the greatest voices in recent hard rock history...?
    I hate the RATM style, it never did anything for me. Plus it didn't help that they had/have that goofball rapping over it....

    Cornell is just okay, I can't dig him too much. Alice Cooper had him sing on a record in 1994 and really sings CC's praises, calling him one of the greatest current rock voices along with Steven Tyler but I just can't get into it.

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    i never really got audioslave. compared to both ratm and soundgarden they sounded decidedly average to my ears.
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    I really like RatM, but Zach's always political lyrics get to me.

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