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    I had a dream where I was taking a shower and then suddenly ran after a baby hedgehog

    I honestly haven't had a dream I can remember since my last dream post, but here's a new one! Everyone excited?

    I was taking a very late shower in a red brick or tile communal dorm or locker room. It was scary in that it was so deserted and I was completely alone.

    I grew fearful each time I had to close my eyes to avoid getting shampoo in them, or soap from when I washed my face.

    All the thoughts of people getting killed in the shower during horror movies were disturbing me.

    There was a low door to my shower stall that barely came up to my armpit level, and extended just below my knees.

    It mysteriously opened while my eyes were closed.

    I thought I heard noises or sensed motion from another presense in the locker room.

    Suddenly I ran out of the shower, being careful not to slip on the waterflow. I was naked but wasn't thinking about that. I wanted to surprise any univited visitor.

    Unexpectedly, a small, baby hedgehog bolted through the locker room, it's paws pitter-pattering on the wet tile. I chased it from one side of the lockers, past the row of shower stalls which were in the middle, to the other side where there were more lockers.

    Then the hedgehog (which was no bigger than a small cat) turned about face and raced into the shower stall area with me in pursuit.

    I guess I would have picked it up and petted it, curious whether it would feel soft or spikey. But it looked kind of cute.
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    did you call him Sonic ?

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    I'm excited. I'll wager Newsbot is excited too.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    Usually dreams involving showers and animals mean something evil is going to happen to your back this week......................................... .................
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    This is why I dont dream anymore, its just too depressing.
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    I think hedgehogs are kinda cute. I probably would've run after him, too!!
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    I would have picked him up and thrown him at someone:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    I would have picked him up and thrown him at someone:

    I'm a little dissapointed that someone wasn't able to get that on video. Kinda funny though.


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