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    Question Is your boss an idiot?

    This is kind of a poll question. In my particular line of work, I don't work for just one person all of the time. In one week, I might work for five different companies and/or (in my case) Producers. I can safely say that approximately 90% of them are grossly unqualified for their position.

    So, I was just curious if this lack of experience/skill is just typical of my industry or if this pattern exists across other careers. Is your boss an idiot? Could you do his job better than he/she is doing it? Or, if you are a boss, would you admit it if you knew that you didn't belong in that position? Are you the idiot?


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    Is your boss an idiot?
    Could you do his job better than he/she is doing it?
    No, because I'm self-employed.
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    My former boss definately was an idiot. Not just with common sense matters, but also when it came to dealing with people and his employees properly. Had zero personality, zero drive, zero enthusiasm.
    I know I could do the job better, because I can talk to and relate with people in general more than he could. Not trying to knock the guy, but those are the facts. Some people get along with others, some don't.

    Now that I have recently changed jobs, I can say my new boss is very intelligent. No complaints so far.
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    My boss is an idiot and I have done her job better than she does (her boss even told me I did).
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    I recently quit, due in some part to my being pretty grossly underpaid. Funny thing is, they'll never find anyone to do what I was doing for what they were paying. So my boss essentially begged me to do some of the stuff on a freelance basis, and I negotiated a rate that was a good deal higher than my old hourly wage.

    I get less hours, but a lot closer to what my talents are worth. And they think they're getting a hella good deal. (I suppose I'm still asking for less than most freelancers, but they could've paid me better and had me there all the time.)
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    My former boss was a total idiot, so much that he was demoted to an assitant manager, from his manager position. He was transferred to another store, and while there, he was in the cash office when they had a power outage, and when the power was restored, money was missing. He was fired because of that. I also heard that after he was fired, he would show up at the store, and would see people wanting to buy a television, he would flash his managers badge, have them give him the money for the product, and he would disappear.

    Luckily we now have a guy who seems to be very employee friendly, talks to us everyday how the business is doing, very numbers oriented, and we are getting a really nice bonus come the end of the month.
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    My current boss passed me over twice for promotion when she worked at facility across town, in each case it didn't really work out for the people she picked. The first time a mid range supervisor (like what I am now) told her she should have picked me. The second time a peer of hers told her she should have taken me and she wouldn't have been in that problem (the person picked over me ended up getting fired). As if two times weren't enough its going to happen a third time, there will be an open position and somebody with less then one year with my company will be getting it despite the fact that I can do the job and have filled in numerous times (last year I covered about 10 weeks).

    I recently applied for a new job and I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I'd say it looks pretty good that I'll get it. It will be better hours and a nice bump in pay... I'll have to ask my current boss what can brown do for me now when I give her my two week notice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid View Post
    Is your boss an idiot? Could you do his job better than he/she is doing it?
    Well, I have two primary bosses: one is Matt Hughes, the most dominant fighter in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) history and one of the strongest pound-for-pound fighters in the world; the other is Tim Sylvia, the current UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world.

    So, there's pretty much no way I could do their job better than them. They're definitely not idiots either, since you have to be pretty intelligent to succeed in this sport and maintain a clean public image.

    What I do for them is I run their official websites: and

    It's a pretty laid back job for the most part, except when they have a fight coming up, then it gets pretty hectic.

    Matt's site does pretty well for the most part, we get roughly 7,000-10,000 hits a day and that usually jumps to somewhere between 30,000 and 65,000 hits per day in the days leading up to and immediately after a fight. Tim hasn't been on TV as much, so his popularity isn't on the same level, so his site only gets about 1000-1200 hits per day.
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    My boss always has me updating stuff for her. I do it until I see her playing Spider solitaire, then I quit. If she has time for idle nonsense, I'm not busting balls to do her stuff. Further, is anyone familiar with Visio? Should it take a normal human two months to learn?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSolo1138 View Post
    Further, is anyone familiar with Visio? Should it take a normal human two months to learn?
    Nope, what is it?


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