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    Has the world gone mad? (OT)

    From this:

    To THIS????

    Did BSG suddenly surge in popularity or what? Holy cow...

    That and Anakin's Yellow JSF in package from Wal-Mart Wave 2 in 2004 are averaging about $25 a shot on Ebay...some as high as $40!

    Am I nuts to think that these ships aren't worth THAT much or is the collector price frenzy starting already?

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    Wow. Maybe I should sell my extra Ultra Galactica's on Ebay.

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    The Ultra Galactica makes some sense, it was rather difficult to find when it was released. The smallers ones I dunno though, the Vipers and Cylon Raiders make sense that they would increase in value from people probably buying multiples and Hasbro not rereleasing them like Star Wars vehicles. But a preorder for $49? That's ridiculous.
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    Totally insane! The Pegasus I think is just about the fact that it's not out till wave 3 and is the only Peg item ever, but they're probably missing it's a preorder - idiots.

    The yellow JSF was a fairly limited release and it was what, 3 years ago? I would guess it's just because that was the main one in the movie and isn't around now.

    Sadly, I do understand the ultra Galactica thing, it's the only Galactica toy at this size and was always hard as hell to find.
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    Thumbs down

    I'm glad I decided to not collect Titaniums anymore... some of these seems to go for the price of the rarest AF ships
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    I understand about the Anakin Yellow JSF, was in the first 5-pack there for a while as well.

    I just think it's silly that it's going for so much already.

    As for the Galactica stuff, yeah, true the Ultra was hard to find- I never saw it in retail- got mine from

    That Pre-Order Pegasus is just screwed up, though.

    Wish I could have gotten this early on, too:

    Resin Galactica

    It's pretty neat- the auctioneer has good photos (including a comparison photo to the Titanium Ultra Galactica).

    I rarely get the good deals, dang it

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    I am just glad that I have decided to only get the 3 inch star wars ships.

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    Wow, thats insane. I cant believe its that much for some of those. The Ultra as stated is understandable as it never saw the light of day here or anywhere else for that matter.
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