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    Trade Federation Repulsorlift Sled.

    It doesn't look like Hasbro will make an MTT, so the next best thing would be a Repulsorlift Sled with a few Battle Droids.
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    If it came with Battle Droids, they'd be folded up hunks of plastic like the Droideka that came with the R2 carrying case or the pit droid that came with Tatooine Jar Jar. Yuck!

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    I agree, that droideka was lame - and where did they find the nerve to call that an "exclusive" piece? It cannot count as a legitimate pack-in.

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    I'd be more enthusiastic if it was featured in the film for more than a few seconds. I'd much rather have a scale-accurate Nute Gunray with walking throne.

    The troop carrier would be better suited in the micro line, just because there's not a lot to do with it but set up an invastion scene.
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    Actually it wouldn't have BATTLE droids, it'd have Security droids. The sleds were the ones that carried them, you can see the red on their shoulders when it's on-screen. Makes sense so that they can save the MTTs and the infantry to have in bigger groups.
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    They're making the Attack Gunship from AOTC as a carrying case so maybe a MTT carrying case would come later. That was my favorite vehicle from TPM. I haven't given up hope for it, or the repulsorsled. Both would be awesome.

    ps That Droideka did suck, especially since it was WAY smaller than if one of the carded one's could roll up. I'm striking it from my list and putting it into my reject box along with mini-nass, green watto, the original battle droid, colt 45 lando and the entire first wave of figures from 95 (minus R2. I still have him out).
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    I think you could combine those ideas. Make a MTT carrying case. And then release the droid rack transport barge separately, but make it fit inside the MTT carrying case.


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