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Thread: i got fired

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    i got fired

    so i got fired from the job i've had for seven years. of course they waited until the end of the day on friday to let me know, wouldn't want to upset the rest of the staff.

    i get to be a statistic and join the ranks of the un-employed.

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    That sucks man. Were you expecting it?

    Then again, I'm not sure that' s much better.
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    Thats too bad, Darth Jax. Seven years is a decent amount of time to have worked at a job. Hopefully, youll be able to find something soon.
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    Right fired or laid off? If they fired you, the match between you and work must not have been very good. With any luck you'll have a new, better job soon. Good luck.

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    dude i am sorry to hear that. well you will find something better.It sucks right now.But this is coming from someone who lost his in 2001 and didn't think things would get better. they did ..i found a better job.
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    Don't forget to file for unemployment right away. Though there is usually one week of waiting period, you should be able to collect if the reasons of your firing qualify. It's money coming in if you don't have any.

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    fired, laid off, down-sized - it's all semantics for me at this point. i was let go because my employer could no longer afford to pay me.

    hopefully in my field i won't be out of work for too long. i've already got a couple of leads to follow up on on monday.

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    Still I would get down to the unemployment office. I was fired from Wal-Mart 5 years ago. I was off for almost two years before they hired me back. I was able to get some unemployment benefits during that time. I did search, but found it hard to get another job. I did get to bond with my son during that time though, without being finacially stressed.
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    Well, that sucks, sorry to hear it. Good luck job hunting.
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    Nothing says strong economy like good workers loosing their jobs....well at least we're winning the war on terror!

    check out monsterjobs....great site for job hunting...and hell your tax money paid for the unemployment of others for the past seven years, take Blue's idea to heart ASAP...
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