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    Thank you for the prop accessories, keep up the good work!

    Every once in a while Hasbro does something right. And when they do, they tend to do it right here and there, but not consistantly. However I think they should be recognized for one area where they get something right and keep doing it fairly consistantly, at least over the past couple of years. And that "right thing" is including props as accessories.

    If you are not following my meaning, by props I mean things like Ben Kenobi's storage chest (with the last ANH Luke Skywalker), the Could City sensor array and amputated hand cover (with a Bespin Luke figure), and the Dejarik Table (with Chewbacca). That they have continued this trend off and on is something that is very much akin to the approach that Playmates took with their Star Trek line. Figures that come with accessories that they used on screen. Granted most of the background characters produced have no such on-screen accessories and come with guns or other devices that were created for the figure, but whenever possible it is nice to have something tangible from the Star Wars universe accompany the figures!

    Of particular note are the curved bar piecees (with Elis Helrot and Miiyoom Onith) and the complte moisture vaporator unit that accompanies a Luke Skywalker figure that I did not previously intend to purchase! This gives me hope that we will see more and more such accessories in the future. The concept of piecing out the distillary behind the Cantina bar has been put forth in another thread and I think it would be an ideal approach. Much like the "Build-a-Figure" technique employed in the Marvel Legends line by Toy Biz and now Hasbro. I am hopeful that the other half of the giant drum is relased with Since Hasbro loves to release Darth Vader figures all the time as well as Boba Fett re-releases, why not have the two come with half of the Cloud City dining table? Give us alcove tables (properly sized and shaped) for the Cantina denezins yet to be released. Perhaps Jabba's Palace courtiers could come wtih elemets of that set, like the brazier with a Bantha roast (?) that appeared behind Jabba's throne.

    Needless to say there are a myriad of possiblities and I sincerely hope that Hasbro continues to recognize the value such props add to the figures from the collector's point of view.

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    I wouldn't look forward to more Vader and Boba figures, but a pack-in of the table would likely get me, and others, to buy them again.

    The only one I'd complain about is the Geonosis energy binders, which only came with an early BattlePack (or whatever that line's predecessors were called) of previously released figures. That'd be nice to get packed in with an Obi-Wan or Dooku in the future. Probably Obi-Wan.
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    Yeah, every time Hasbro gets the accessories right it makes me happy. Ben's cloak and saber with Vader blew my mind. I only bought Lushros Dofine for his pad and control panel.
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    I'd like to see the following accessories packed in:

    more Hoth screens perhaps with Toyln Far
    energy binders with new SA Obi Wan AOTC
    various Cantina Aliens with Alcoves and Bar Tables
    Various Hoth Rebels with Trench Accessories
    DS II Throne and Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Hilt w/ SA Emperor Palpatine
    Senate Pod with SA Emperor Palpatine and SA Yoda (Salt & Pepper Palpatine)
    Rebel Technician with Starfighter Accessories
    Rebel Sentry with Sentry Outlook
    Bespin Dining Room with perhaps ICMG and various Bespin Guards or even a SA Fett and Vader
    ROTJ Aliens with various Jabba's palace decor
    Rebel Officers with Holo Endor Display Screen
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    Good ideas, DA. Here are a couple more I had:

    Admiral Ackbar w/ command chair
    New ANH Leia w/ tactical display table
    Palpatine w/ throne
    Bespin guard w/ Carbonite Block Han
    Death Star Commando (grey repaint of TAC Death Star Trooper) w/ command console

    These are probably too big for the regular line, but I'd still like to see them, maybe as part of a battlepack:
    Speeder bike with either an Ewok or Biker Scout
    Ewok w/ Catapult
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    Great job on the accessories, Hasbro. Icing on the cake would be a Bespin Dining Room table with new SA Bespin Han, Vader (hand deflecting blaster bolt), and VOTC Boba Fett repainted to recreate his blue ESB jumpsuit underneath his armor.
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