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    So only 24 years til more star wars movies?
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Maybe its me but when Luke gets attacked in the dessert by that Tusken raider it seems that the raider pumps his arms exactly the same each time.

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    The other funny thing about this thread is that besides the fact that the initial supposition was wrong, it also took over twenty years to "discover."

    The funny part is that the claim has been made by Prequel-Worshipers that the OT is just as bad as the Prequels, but for some reason, it takes over two decades to find problems (real or imagined) while it only takes nano-seconds for adolescents to realize the errors of the Prequels.

    There's been something buggin' me about this thread and I just figured out what it was. Go back to your lives. Nothing new to see here.


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