Alright, Alright, there are a lot of people on this forum who probably hold the belief that I just Love and Worship everything that George Lucas has spit out to us in the SW movies over the last 24 years; However, this is not true, It's just that I hear so much negative crud on this forum that I try to be one of the few positive voices on this forum! Of recent, alot of people have complained about the apparent holes that exist in TPM, and I try to defend it by saying the same holes and bad acting that people complain about in TPM also exist in the OT but who cares, and I never really point too many of them out! Well, guess what, I got one, I GOT one, a NEW one and it's in ANH!!! Atleast I've never heard or seen anyone bring this up...

INT: DS Hangar Bay

Capt: There's no one aboard Sir. According to the log, the crew abandoned ship right after takeoff. It must be a decoy Sir. Several of the escape pods have been jettisoned.

Vader: Did you find any droids!

Capt: No Sir, if there were any on board they must also have jettisoned!

Vader: Send a scanning crew aboard. I want every part of this ship checked.

Alright, there's the setup, and we all know what happens next, the scanning crew goes aboard, our heros attack, the stormtroopers go up the ramp, our heros attack, the next scene is the: "TK421 why aren't you at your post". Next thing we see is the door opens up and there is Han in stormtroopers outfit with Chewie, who quickly dispatches of the Imperial officer!
Alright, we get the impression that Han was pretending to escort chewie like a prisoner up to that control room. This would be acceptable if he were just walking through the halls of the Death Star, but how is it that our disguised stormtroopers were able to walk a Wookie out of the Falcon in front of a squad of stormtroopers and no questions being asked, and with no report about the ship being scanned? Thoughts?