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    I got one, I GOT one!

    Alright, Alright, there are a lot of people on this forum who probably hold the belief that I just Love and Worship everything that George Lucas has spit out to us in the SW movies over the last 24 years; However, this is not true, It's just that I hear so much negative crud on this forum that I try to be one of the few positive voices on this forum! Of recent, alot of people have complained about the apparent holes that exist in TPM, and I try to defend it by saying the same holes and bad acting that people complain about in TPM also exist in the OT but who cares, and I never really point too many of them out! Well, guess what, I got one, I GOT one, a NEW one and it's in ANH!!! Atleast I've never heard or seen anyone bring this up...

    INT: DS Hangar Bay

    Capt: There's no one aboard Sir. According to the log, the crew abandoned ship right after takeoff. It must be a decoy Sir. Several of the escape pods have been jettisoned.

    Vader: Did you find any droids!

    Capt: No Sir, if there were any on board they must also have jettisoned!

    Vader: Send a scanning crew aboard. I want every part of this ship checked.

    Alright, there's the setup, and we all know what happens next, the scanning crew goes aboard, our heros attack, the stormtroopers go up the ramp, our heros attack, the next scene is the: "TK421 why aren't you at your post". Next thing we see is the door opens up and there is Han in stormtroopers outfit with Chewie, who quickly dispatches of the Imperial officer!
    Alright, we get the impression that Han was pretending to escort chewie like a prisoner up to that control room. This would be acceptable if he were just walking through the halls of the Death Star, but how is it that our disguised stormtroopers were able to walk a Wookie out of the Falcon in front of a squad of stormtroopers and no questions being asked, and with no report about the ship being scanned? Thoughts?

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    ben made Stormtrooper minds go all "fuzzy"

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    LOL, I like that one Rollo! Oh ****, my mind can be slow sometimes, so yeah I ask again: How did they slip Chewie, Ben and the droids out of the ship?

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    I'm glad I'm not one of the negative ones... there are so many holes in the OT as well as continuity gaffs.

    Notice... when R5-D4 blows his bolts... Luke points over to R2-D2. R2 turns his head to supposedly look at Uncle Owen... it's the same clip as when C-3P0 wouldn't shut up. You'll spot R5-D4 standing right next to R2 even though he had just traveled about 10-15 feet from the Sandcrawler.

    So... like I said before: These movies are better than most of this genre and I like them for what they are... pure entertainment. Not technical and logical wonders!
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    Hmmmm. . . . Good point.

    If you wanna talk bad acting, my favorite's always been Hobbie in Echo Base. The way he says, "Two fighters against a Star Destroyer" still makes me giggle.
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    Yeah, I thought it was a good one El Chuxter, I think it's a bigger hole than anything in TPM, it's so huge you could fit the Death Star through it!!! and that's always been my point, here we've blindly adored these films for so long now that we miss something this huge! I mean there are a ton of reason why they might have gotten around security, maybe something as simple as what Rollo had said about Ben, but we still need a scene intercut inbetween them leaving the falcon, and then attacking the officer in the control room to make sense of it or make the movie fluid! So, I can never understand how TPM bashers can know there are problems with the OT but say they love them, and then rip TPM apart for the same things! So for all TPM bashers out there, try to remember (when you were younger) what got you excited about these films, and let your imagination run(maybe blind you). ;-) Maybe, In 20 years, we won't be having this conversation, but hopefully with some positive views, we won't have to wait 20 years!

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    When it comes down to it,I liked them all.I feel that if you spend your time taking apart the movies you will not have time to enjoy them.Just sit back and watch and don't worry about the holes or mistakes.After all its the story we all love and it is a movie and in a movie there its time to cover everything in just 2 hours.

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    Chew on this: when Han Luke and Leia escape the trash compactor, we see Han and Luke back in their original duds. Soooo, where did they put their clothes while in Stromtrooper armor? I know Han didn't put those Stormtrooper boots on over his, so where'd they go? It's absolutely impossible to explain where all of their clothes went, since they obviously didn't put that form-fitting black body suit on over them.

    You what I think? Who cares! It's just supposed to be a fun movie so enjoy it and don't sweat the small stuff.
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    After Vader is told there's nobody on board and leaves the hangar, there's no reason to have troops surrounding it since it's supposedly empty, they all went away and left just 2 guards. You can see that when the officer looks out the window at the Falcon, just Luke standing there tapping on his helmet and a scanning box. Clearly, nobody's watching closely enough to notice the scuffle the scanning crew and then stormtrooper guards get into, and once they're taken out, the bay is empty. From here, it's only a short trip to the control room, and if they run into anybody, all Han has to say is "I found these stowaways on the ship" or something, there's nobody there to question this with facts that argue this point. The Death Star is a huge station, so not every trooper is going to know that there weren't any passengers aboard the Falcon, if they even know about the Falcon at all. Since the station also has a lot of prisoners (multiple prison levels, each level having tons of cells, it can't just be there for ONE princess), there's no reason to think that prisoners wouldn't be escorted from cell to cell, look at how the other Imperials treat Luke, Han, and Chewie when they think he's being escorted to a cell, almost everybody avoids them completely during the day-to-day business. Until the station is on alert, only the freed wookiee seems to give the officer any fear, the old guy and the droids seem to have no interest with him, perhaps they're dignitaries, perhaps Obi-Wan is messing with his mind, I don't see this one as a hole though.

    As for that R2 being sold scene, it's just bad editing, using a shot that has a character that's not supposed to be there. Lucas does this with the shot reversals too, it's a continuity error only because it's clearly a mistake, but it's not like seeing a droid that's not supposed to be in that scene is going to be the same as seeing Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen at the end of the film with General Dodonna.

    What's this hole about "two fighters against a Star Destroyer?!?"? Leia explains it right away that it'll be the Ion cannon doing the real work.

    Barada, I could see how they'd have their clothes on underneath the bodysuits, but the boots thing is a different issue. They're not likely to have boots on over their boots. However, aside from that, Lucas even has Han's gun belt left in the Falcon, so I think he intended their clothes to actually be on under the bodysuit.
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    I was pointing out Hobbie as bad acting, not a plot hole.
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