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    Angry No love for Palpatine/Sidious in that Senate battle get up?

    Okay... so you guys made that Revenge of the Sith Darth Sidious/Palpatine 12" figure in this costume. Why not make a 3.75" version of him in that? I mean, that was such a HUGE part of the film... how could you forget that Senate battle with Yoda. He was so over the top and laughing like some cackling queen!


    Here's a photo of your 12" version in the even you can't recall what I'm talking about...

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    I agree 100%. It's absurd that we haven't gotten this figure yet.
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    Agreed, this figure is LONG overdue! The ideal figure would include....

    - softgood robes
    - superposable arms
    - Lightsaber hilt
    - Lightsaber ignighted.
    - 1 set of action hands
    - 2nd set of lightning hands
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    But they made that awesome light-up deluxe figure with the rotating heads, isn't that good enough?!? Yeah, it is weird that Yoda-fightin' Palps gets no love.
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    Here's hoping that a future wave in the TAC line focuses on Palpatine and gives us this figure.
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    I want this Palpatine / Darth Sidious figure, too.

    It really bugged me that they re-released his WORST figure (Saga 1) for the Endor Wave of Saga 2. What were they thinking?!
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    What I think is even MORE hilarious is that they are shoving that crimson robed "bouncy-feet" Palpatine on us again in the lame-o "Order 66" set. The funny thing is that they slapped the Evolutions Palpatine/Sidious Robe on it and it looks completely ridiculous!!!

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    Wow, I figured they made him already.

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    You would've thought... but, sadly, no.
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