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    Are we kidding ourselves?

    I've heard tell that many collectors (including myself) have sworn of AOTC toys because of that position and articulation of sculpts. Are we kidding ourselves. I know that I will be at the Midnight madness as I was for EPI and I will scramble for all of the toys to put in a shopping cart then cull from those the ones I want to keep. I can say that I will undoubtedly buy some but not all of the figs and will no longer be a completist. Isn't it sad that such a great story was turn upside down by Lucas and now the toy line is going by the wayside. I know it's been said (in many forms) but it bears repeating.


    We the collectors are the future of this line and have spent small fortunes to collect them all. They kids don't have the money to afford them and can't keedp up. How many fansite do you see that have 6-10 yr olds contributing on a daily basis.


    We the adults, not only have the money but have other tools neccessary to perpetuate (sp?) the sale and ongoing success of this line.

    Take heed. If you continue this course of action you will find your company losing millions and won't be able to save face in the eyes of the industry and the general populace as well.. You know they'll blame us the collectors for poor sales and won't internalize the problem on themselves. They'll say it is the economy.


    Even when not working I found a way to still collect as I'm sure most of you find a way when things are tight.

    We are fooling ourselves if we think Hasbro is concerned with what we truly think. Yeah they throw us a bone with the occasional "fan choice fig", but really...... If they put AVID fans of the saga in charge or at least consulted with us on a regular and serious basis as to what characters should be produced, we would all be happy. They would make money and we would have the figs we want.


    okay, I've ranted enough.

    Move along, move along

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    Hasbro doesn't care. I think we all know that. We just hope that they have enough sense to give us the classic stuff we want. I do not like all of the EPisode II stuff, I do like some, but I know i will buy it all. HAsbro knows that too.
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    Evenflow is right.Hasbro doesnt care about collectors,only
    children.Having two younger brothers,they like the SW movies
    but not the toys.Why?Because of the newest fad.Hasbro knows
    kids want to be "one of the crowd" and are trying to be that
    newest fad by adding new "features".

    I wont swear off AOTC collecting.I'll just buy what I like the most and wait for the rest to go on clearance.
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    Hasbro cares about collectors actually, but to an extent. See, they know kids would rather have obscure characters and such instead of herds of the same character, and that's where the collector's voice comes in, if it's a character that is odd enough to appeal to kids also, then there ya go, from the collectors to the kids. Just they don't listen to what's wanted in the specifics from collectors so they just add in whatever they feel necassary where a kid would want to play with it and then they rely on collectors to buy up most of the stock because they know the kids won't always be going after the whole set of figures. I'll be getting AOTC figures, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy them!
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    Headed for Splitsville!

    Look here...!

    I am NOT gonna buy everything just to be a completeist. I have never been a completist since I started collecting again. I certainly don't want ALL of the POTF2 figures and only collected some of the figures that hadn't been made in the vintage line and picked up the new versions of the vintage ones only when they looked absolutely prefect!

    I have some holes in the E1 collection (no pod racer pilots, no swimming Jar Jar, no Queen w/ascension gun, for example). I also didn't get all of the POTJ stuff.

    I really don't feel the need to over extend myself and line Hasbro's pockets with MY earnings when some of their product is substandard. That's almost like going to the grocery store to buy stuff for a salad and seeing rotten tomatoes and banged up onion and buying them anyway because "that would make the salad complete."

    Anyhow... that's just me... thanks for the use of the box there, Sal!
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    I agree jedi master sal. It seems these new figures are really campy looking. The style of the figures doesn't blend with the POTJ or the POTF2. At least everything so far can be used in conjuction with each other, but this new AOTC line is completely different.

    For example let us take Plo Koon. The POTJ version is amazing. Then look at the AOTC version. The head sculpt is different, his body looks weird, and he will probably come with some stupid lightsaber chopping gimmick that no one wants.

    HASBRO, no one wants these new gimmicks. All we want is detailed figures, no gimmicks, and more articulation. Is that too much to ask? I think not.
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    JEDIpartnr, what if you really wanted a salad, and the store only had 1 onion, but 1 side of it was banged up....

    Oh, forget it I don't even like salad!

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    Buddy... what I'm saying is I'd SKIP the onion... like I'd skip the crap looking figures!!!


    The STAR WARS line=
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    That's too damn funny, JEDIpartnr !! I've never heard it put that way(the "complete salad" analogy), but it totally describes the way I've felt ever since the POTF2 Dengar came out(they honestly had me good until that point). Or maybe it was R5D4. Or it could have been the nigh-nonexistant Ree Yees.
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    You go JP!

    I don't get why Hasbr thinks that the kids are where the money is rolling in from. What kind of ten year old pays $40 for four little figures when he can get a new playstation game for the same amount of money. I think ALL toy companies should realize that the children of the 70's and 80's are the REAL market for the action figures of today. Do little kids buy McFarlane figures? Are they buying the cool Super hero figures? I don't think DC Direct was created with ten year olds in mind. Hasbr is so out of the loop, they are getting mixed signals from the collecting world. They see us buying up McFarlane figures and think to themselves "AhA! What they really want is 6" figures for the older fans and more play features in the 4" line for the kiddies!!" NO! That is NOT what we want. Nobody gives a rat's bunger about 6" Star Wars figures. You would think you would remeber the travesty that was Epic Force. Remember when that chewed the hell out of your quarterly earnings? I want figures that are compatible with the last 25 years of action figures. Let me tell you something Hasbr, little kids think Star Wars in uncool. They see Star Wars figures on the peg at Wal-mart and roll their eyes. It's not hip to be a fan of action figures. So that leaves you with the older collectors that grace the forums at SirSteves, at CollectStarWars, and AmericanDreamComics. You would do well to listen to them. They are the bread and butter of your franchise. They are the reason you keep or lose your jobs. If you hadn't kept everybody in the dark so long about your super secret plans for Episode II figures, you wouldn't be looking at a total washout, come April 22nd.

    Okay, who wants this soapbox next?


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