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    I was going to post this in "What have you watched recently?" but this movie deserves its own thread.

    THIS MOVIE KICKED @$$!!!! Watching it was like getting a shot of adrenaline to the heart. It got me pumped. It had some of the best action scenes I've ever seen. I thought that the battle sequences even beat out "The Matrix" for sheer excitement. And the gore was pretty much's based on a Frank Miller graphic novel, after all. Those decapitations were gruesome. But it was amazing, and at the end, I wanted more. It even inspired a new avatar. In fact, I think I'm going to buy the graphic novel.
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    I LOVED this flick, quite a bit. Here is the review I posted on my blog:

    "300"- Frank Miller's classic fantasy retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae hits the big screen in vibrant, blood infested, action packed glory!! The story begins with a brief history of Spartan life, narrated by Dilios (David "Faramir" Wenham), who lets the audience know of some of the customs of Spartan life, such as being sent out in the fields when you're seven to fend for yourself, your inspection at birth (Spartans had a tradition if you were inspected at birth and were deformed, you were lobbed off a cliff; ouch) and so on. The film then cuts to a group of Persian messengers who are riding into Sparta, carrying the heads of fallen Kings. It seems that the Persian King, Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) is invading Greece, attempting to claim new lands for his rule. We then meet King Leonidas, played very well by Gerard Butler ("The Phantom of the Opera"). He is the King of Sparta and is in the middle of teaching his son some moves with a sword when he is interrupted by the persians who demand an offering of "Earth and water" as a pledge to Xerxes that they will stand down, and allow his men to overrun Sparta, taking Leonidas and his people as servants and slaves. Leonidas, who is slightly angry at the messenger for obvious reasons, including the messenger insulting his wife, Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey), decides that yes, THIS IS SPARTA! and kicks the messenger and his crew down a well, sealing the war that is in the distance. After being denied help by his corrupt council, Leonidas, gathers a group of men and volunteers who will march north in an effort to stall the incoming persian army. This film is a fantastic epic. The fight scenes, often cut up with bits of slowed down sequences that constantly speed up (it sounds odd, but it's badass) give the viewer an up close and personal view of the carnage as Leonidas and his men fight for their freedom. Butler is great as Leonidas, a man who is trying to do the best for his people, ignoring the politicians and defending his country from an invading army lead by a tyrant. He loves his family, his country, but he is also willing to slice and dice whomever he must to defend them. Headey is solid as Gorgo, a woman amongst men who will do whatever she can to get her husband aid. She also has to deal with the slimy Theron (Dominic West), a corrupted councilman who wants nothing to do with the war, but only to join Xerxes and find financial gain after the battle. Butler's supporting cast is solid as well with Wenham as Dilios, the motivational storyteller who rallies Leonidas and his men and is responsbile (fictionally (is that a word?)) for getting the story about Leonidas and his men out (if anybody knows if this was based off a real guy, let me know, thanks) and to movitate the rest of Greece. He also has a great relationship with his captain, Artemis, who is played really well by Vincent Regan (we now forgive you for, "Troy" Vincent). Artemis is a trusted friend and captain, but also a loyal citizen of Sparta who allows his son to join the forces. Another honorable mention must go out to Andrew Tiernan, who braved 10 hours of makeup each day to play the infamous hunch backed traitor, Ephialtes, the creature responsible for betraying the Spartans.

    The colors and landscapes are gorgeous and I had the pleasure of seeing this with a DLP treatement, meaning highest quality and least amount of graininess and it was enchanting. The colors are sharp, vibrant, but also very washed and dark when they need to be. They're perfect and mirror Miller's artwork wonderfully (I read the book last summer). Along with the colors, the cinematography by But if you're squeamish about violence, steer FAAAAAAAAAAR away from this flick. The blood is all CGI, but it's pretty splatterific with heads getting removed, tendons getting sliced, legs lobbed off, hands cut, eyes stabbed, etc. It's ultraviolence as it's freedom defending best! The score is also very excellent (got it on now), done by Tyler Bates ("Dawn of the Dead") as he incorporates lots of low percussion beats with choirs to achieve a grand scale of music. I loved this flick quite a bit. Some folks are drawing parallels to the current war and the Bush administration, some saying Bush is the tyrant whereas other saying he is the defender and while I can ALMOST see a point for that, it seems kinda obnoxious and like overkill. The message of the film is simple: fight for what you believe in, give you life for it and dont' think twice for defending your home or those you love and hold dear. Director Zack Snyder ("Dawn of the Dead" remake) has hit another home run with his second flick, doing a great job bringing another one of Frank Miller's classic graphic novels to the big screen. This is epic movie making at it's best. See it. NOW. Rating- **** out of ****
    I'm uber happy I bought a set of the figures including an extra King Leonidas figure for my bookshelf so i can talk to it.
    "Man Leonidas, I had a hard day of teaching. what should I do?"
    "that's great, Leo, but seriously, what can i do to relieve stress?"
    "This is SPARTA!"
    "Seriously man, you are no help."

    I'm looking forward to many awkward conversations with myself.
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    Thanks for the reviews guys. I will catch this one on Monday since I'm watching the ACC Tournament this weekend.
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    Great review JMG!

    I saw this earlier today, caught the first showing actually. If you all didn't know, this was the movie I was most looking forward to this year... yup, it sure was. And let me tell you, it was AWESOME!!! Well worth the wait, which was many many months for me.

    As JMG metioned so brilliantly, the cinematography was breath-taking and added it's own dimension to the film. It was phenominal; you felt as if you were right there, right on the battlefield, in all its GLORY. This movie should definitely get the nod and win in the cinematography category come the next Oscars. I will be shocked if it doesn't.

    The special effects were outstanding as well. Everything. The landscapes, since like 90+% was filmed on a blue screen (and green), were very well done (ala Sin City). The battle sequences were top notch. I am usually not a fan of slow-motion, but these were well done and almost neccessary. If they weren't slowed down you couldn't see all the limb cutting, spear stabbing, sword slicing, blood splattering GLORY (damn, why do I keep coming back to that word? ). Like I said, the slow-mo was implemented in a fantastic way. I rather enjoyed the blood and gore aspect of the fight sequences as well. I mean, it is based off a (Frank Miller) graphic novel. Everything is usually over the top. And for the monsters. The "Giant" was just bad a**, and easily my favorite. Man was that guy a beast. And I wished we had gotten to see more of the "decapitator". That guy was serious. Ephialtes was quite a speciman. All of the creatures/monsters/beasts from the blackness were awesome. I wish we got to see more of all of them actually. Hopefully there will be some sort of an extended cut.

    Evidentally a lot of people (reviewers) didn't like the acting; I thought the acting was quite good. Gerard Butler (Leonidas) is a total bad a**. I thought he did an outstanding job. So did Dilios. Queen Gorgo (Headey) did a great job too. I mean, sure the acting wasn't flawless and top notch, and I doubt anyone will win (or even get nominated) for an Oscar for acting/supporting actor, but I have seen much, MUCH worse. Overall I thought the acting was good, pretty good actually.

    I could easily go on and on about this movie, but I won't... atleast for now. I will spare you.

    I actually plan to see this again in the theater, within the next couple of weeks. I have a couple more free movie passes that I got from those Best Buy exclusive 300 discs that I need to use. I was really stoked to find that my local theater accepted those free tickets since they weren't listed on the web site, but hey, I would have paid the $7 to see it anyways. Easily. And I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

    When I got home I checked out the "300:First Look" on HBO that I recorded. It was pretty cool. I'm glad I checked that out after seeing the movie. Something told me I should wait. The training those actors (Spartans) went through was just crazy. Looked like 8 weeks of pure hell. After that, I knocked out all of the extras on the 300 Best Buy dvd. I just didn't want the experience to end.

    Final thoughts: Awesome movie!!! Will probably be my favorite of the year!!!

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    This movie is AWESOME. Simply AWESOME. I don't know a lot about greek history so I was almost certain that most of the battle was hokum.

    But out of curiousity I cracked open "The Oxford History of the Classical World," and discovered, much to my shock, that this movie is a very accurate depiction of what happened.

    Direct quote from Oxford:

    "In the pass Leonidas' men held out magnificiently for two days against the best that Xerxes could send at them. But on the third the Persians found an ill-guarded mountain track and moved round on Leonidas' rear. Most of the Greeks were sent home, but Leonidas, his famed 300, and the men of Thespiae, who merit equal fame, remained; the Thebans stayed too-but not because they wanted to. All but the Thebans, who surrendered, fought and died. It was almost a victory"

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    I'm liking these reviews but I'm not gonna let 'em get my hopes TOO high. I'm seeing it tomorrow afternoon so I'll be back.

    As for the historical portion of it, it's very loosely based on the Battle of Thermoplyae where 300 men face 1,000,000 men (although that's debated). There was only one way to go and that was through a narrow pass said to be only big enough for 2-3 men to walk side by side through, a classic defenseable position.
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    My son wants to see this, so I may take him Sunday night to view it. He is 16, and used to a lot of gore.
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    This movie rocked my world(Slicker, you'll love it!!)...and evidently alot of other people...I must have seen hundreds of high school & college -age students playing hookey(yes I'm much older). Was there a school holiday or something??? I have to buy Frank Miller's hardcover now, and maybe some action figures(Neca, I think). Does anyone remember another movie(I'm giving my tender age away) called 300 Spartans(I remember as a kid). Check it out! I think they even used stock footage from it in an old Time Tunnel episode. The stunts in 300 were beyond The Matrix. Is this film actually playing somewhere in IMAX...surely not the R-rated version?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonthejedi View Post
    Is this film actually playing somewhere in IMAX...surely not the R-rated version?
    Yes. I believe this is the second R-rated film they've shown. The first one was V for Vendetta last March.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonthejedi View Post
    I must have seen hundreds of high school & college -age students playing hookey(yes I'm much older). Was there a school holiday or something???
    I know it is Spring Break for a lot of college students.

    Does anyone remember another movie(I'm giving my tender age away) called 300 Spartans(I remember as a kid). Check it out!
    I've never seen this movie, but I've heard of it, and I will definitely check it out.

    I plan on collecting all of the action figures too. They look really cool. And I will probably get the graphic novel as well.
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