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    What was the first item you passed on?

    In the entire modern era of SW figures, what was the first item that you passed on?

    At first, I wasn't collecting vehicles, so I passed on the AT-ST, Millennium Falcon, and X-Wing. When I got the other vehicles on clearance, the AT-ST was no longer available, and the other two, well, I had the vintage ones and they didn't hold up.

    I sort of passed on the Theater Luke, since I didn't know it was around until after the fact, when it was too late.

    Several Episode I figures eluded me: Jabba w/ Announcer, Acension Gun Padme, Holo Sidious, Swimming Jar Jar, the FAO Darth Maul w/ Electronic Game, and the second series of accessory packs. Sio Bibble and the Pit Droids were on the list until recently. Except for the announcer, I'd pick up the others if I found them at a decent price, but I'm not actively hunting for them.

    I never saw the AOTC Deluxe Battle Droid Factory thingie. Until Jaff's poll, I didn't realize it was actually released. That's a shame. I would've gotten it, no matter how cheap, for an additional factory platform to link the other two crappy Deluxe figure bases to.

    I voluntarily passed on the second AOTC Deluxe Jango and Obi-Wan. They were expensive, looked crappy, and, well, no way were they worth $10. So I guess they're technically the first I passed on, since "passing on" is different from "missing out on." Unless the TRU Geonosis set with the binders came out before those. I can't remember.

    Since then, I've been able to pass on more and more. The Arenas, Mustafar, the Tins, the 501st Trooper, Demise of Grievous, the Marvel comic sets, a few clones and holograms, and more repainted Starfighters than I can count.

    Many of these I had full intentions to buy if they ever went on clearance, but I don't feel like I missed out on anything.

    It feels good to not feel like I have to buy a BattlePack full of Jedi I already have just because one of them has a different paint scheme.
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    Due to budget, AT-ST. Still upset about that I don't have any from any line (but now the storage limits say it's ok).

    By choice: Mostly anything having to do with Episode III. Didn't get many of the characters, only got two clone sets (Clone Attack on Coruscant and Skirmish in the Senate). It stopped much sooner just because outside of creating a few dios I wasn't interested in much of anything because how many versions of chracter x does one need if one opens them up?
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    I've missed out on a handful of things throughout the years, but I have every intention of getting them when I can (the Celebrations are really great for getting old stuff).

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    It feels good to not feel like I have to buy a BattlePack full of Jedi I already have just because one of them has a different paint scheme.
    This is kind of like how the Dagobah set is for me - the R2-D2 is somewhat tempting, and the repainted Luke and Vader slightly less so, but with all the stuff coming out this year that I actually want I don't know if I'd be able to justify this purchase. I'll probably end up breaking down and getting it later, just like I did with the Cantina Han last year that had a new head.
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    I was never a completeist off the bat. I have holes in my collection all the way back to POTF2. The first thing I knowingly passed on was SOTE figures and vehicles.
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    Your mentioning SOTE reminds me: I passed on the Outrider.
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    I think Jabba with 2 headed announcer was the first thing I saw that I "actively" passed on (should it be "passively" passed on?) I never saw the darth maul with elctronic game so I don't know if that counts as passing on it or just not having the opportunity to buy it. There are a lot of holes in my collection where things that weren't 3-3/4" figures would go that I didn't seek out.

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    The first thing I passed on was the POTF X-Wing. At the time I already had both the original Kenner versions (Regular and Battle-Damaged) so for me it was a no brainer.

    With the Saga Line I passed on some of the re-releases like Poggle the Lesser, Barada and Chewie, Endor Palpy. Also passed on the DVD Figure packs as well.

    Missed out on alot of playsets like Mustafar, Geonosis, and the Arena Sets for ROTS.

    Battlepacks I usually pass on unless they are clone related or have a new figure like the Battle of Ilum. I think I only picked up Mace's Battalion, Hunt for Grievous, Ambush on Ilum, Betrayal at Felucia, Jedi vs Sith (for the Clone Wars Obi), and the Attack on Coruscant (even though they gave us those bad clones from the Jetpack Trooper Deluxe).

    As far as the TAC line - it's still to early to tell but will skip alot of the repacks and some of the ships like the White TIE and various Jedi Starfighters. Would love to see them re-release Anakin's Jedi Starfighter from the Clone Wars (the one ship I always wanted and each time I was at TRU, I would pick it up and say it will be here next week. Now it sells for $100 on Ebay.......Damn Self-Doubt).
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    Probably the Millennium Minted Coin and Epic Force. I did pick up a couple of the coin sets later on clearance. I've never been interested in figures outside the classic 3-3/4" and 12" scales so the Epic Force and it's successor (Unleashed) were always easy to pass by.

    I've been passing on prequel vehicles, creatures, playsets, and accessories since Episode I, though I bought some on clearance.

    I began passing on most 3-3/4" figures shortly before the ROTS line. Price is a major factor. Figures in this scale are simply not worth more than $5 each.
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    i think it was the crowd control stormie, han with smuggler's pack, luke w. skiff.


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