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    Question How many mistakes have u found in the Star Wars Encyclopedia

    Have u found mistakes in the Star Wars Encyclopedia???

    And if we do find mistakes, how can we submitt this information, so that they can make a more accurate encyclopedia.
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    I use the SW:E as a kind of coffee table book. I pick a page and start reading from there, so I don't know if I've actually read every part. But I have yet to find something that's not quite right. So no need for "a more accurate encyclopedia" yet.
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    Even if it is more accurate, I'm in no hurry to buy another $50 book.
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    I've actually sent letters to Steve Sansweet asking if the Tomart's Guide will be updated anytime soon. Same would be for the Encyclopedia. I suggested a paperback with changes and new information, and those without updates would be considered the same as the most recent edition (2nd, for Tomart's). Then it'd be only a $25 book; what a deal, eh Chuxter?
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    My thoughts exactly!!

    It will be just a complement to the Encyclopedia.
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    Beside the whole story of how Anikan and Obi-wan met..... But ya gotta remember, this is all pre-Ep.1

    Besides that I've come to the conclusion that Steve Sansweet can't tell Hermi Odell and Ephant Mon apart
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    Really? Like BCJ(formerly #3), I haven't actually read it as a whole, but read passages of it occasionally or use it as a reference. What, are the pictures of the two mixed up? I'm definitely gonna have to check this out!
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    ya, the pictures are mixed! But according to the dictionary, Anikan was a pilot durring the Clone Wars Attack of the Clones , and Obi-wan sensed the force in him and decided to train him.....I like the Ep.1 story better!
    and then she said "Do ya love me?" and I said "NO! but thats a pretty nice ski mask!"

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    I'd like to see a 2nd edition of the Action Figure archive with the last of the POTF2 figures, as well as all the new Episode 1 figures and vehicles and the POTJ vehicles and figures. Including scarce European variants. That is a handy dandy visual guide to vintage and newer figures.

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    Speaking of the action figure archive, have u noticed that the Death Star officer has two guns? I checked my figure to see if i have lost one gun, but it seems that its ok, the picture shows the figure with two guns but the carded fig came up with only one.
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