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    Funny how the day that I find the entire wave 3, my EE wave 3r1 case gets processed. This is a first- I've cancelled the last five waves from them because I found them at retail first. Oh well, extras to return to Target I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Commtech View Post
    Hey Fig, you never responded to my pms about the stormie stash I left for you days ago. Did you get them?

    JSpeck claimed that stash. I'll try and stash more for ya guys.
    sorry dude, i never got the chance to go.

    it's okay, i'm not that worried about finding stormies at retail. heck, i've seen more of them than i have the wave 3 luke!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars View Post
    Hey if the Droid I was getting from Jango was yours, you can have it. I can wait.
    I only need one, so he has a few more if he got three.
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    Wow, I actually got out of the house early today, and for once it paid off. I hit Target at 8:30 and found two stormies on the pegs (but no jawas? curious...). Hootie was right behind me and looked mighty disappointed when he saw my Stormies. After Starbucks, I trucked over to Kmart and found: VTAC Snowtrooper, Jawa, Stormie, Concept Chewie.

    I stashed the Concept Chewie- PM me for the location.

    P.S. Kmart rang up TAC as Greatest Hits, and the VTAC as Unleashed (for $10.99).

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    PM sent!!!

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    Stashed a VTAC Snowtrooper and a couple Wave 3 TAC Stormtroopers at La Cienega Target. I left a few Galactic Marines, Airborne Troopers and a couple more Stormtroopers on the pegs. PM me if you're interested.

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    Stash claimed.

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    Found a fresh case of VTAC around 10:00 at NoHo Target on my way in to work this morning. I couldn't help but grab the Snowtroopers.

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    Stashed an AOTC clone trooper in the valley around 6pm.
    PM for details.
    Went to pick up my wave 3rv1 case at EE, but thought they were open until 6 and they close at 5:30. Have to wait till Monday.

    Picked up the Imperial booster pack of WizKids Star Wars CCG at Target for 14.99.

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    Speck, the stash wasn't there any longer when i went tonight

    next time i would suggest going either top or bottom shelf. it wasn't a total waste as i got a Snowtrooper, V-Wing Titanium and a JLU 10" Hawkgirl. They also had the Justice Lords Flash but i already have that one.

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