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    Quote Originally Posted by darkagent View Post
    Man, that's a long read. I had the total opposite experience. I was able to get the Indy coin easily, but not the Star Wars coin. I can trade you one for a SDCC Star Wars coin, if you still need it.
    Yeah, I basically took 12 days off, lots to catch up on.

    Sure, thanks, sounds good! I've got an SDCC SW coin for ya then.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkagent View Post
    Went to Eagle Rock Target this morning and it looks like they've done the aisle "reset" thing. Nothing new in Star Wars or JLU and still no Transformers. However, they did put out the new 25th aniv. GI Joe figures. They had both the single carded figures and the box sets. I also noticed that Snake Eyes has a variant. I saw him packaged with either a gray wolf or a black wolf.
    Yep, and naturally scalper-types are going for the black wolf (equally packed). I went by NoHo last week, around 8:30. Headphones was just about to check out, had a basket full of stuff. Couldn't tell what really, but it was probably JLU and GIJoe, maybe some Saga Legends or Comic Packs, if he took all the new/'hot' ones. Joes were left with 2 Storm Shadows and around 4 Snake Eyes, all with gray wolves. Comic Packs had just a few stragglers from older waves, not the 2 pegs full of 'warmers Burbank has.

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    got my mcquarrie yoda/obi wan today from hasbro toy shop. those figures are totally slammmin'.

    nothing at target vannuys this morning

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    Quote Originally Posted by gambitguru View Post
    got my mcquarrie yoda/obi wan today from hasbro toy shop. those figures are totally slammmin'.

    Hmmm, mine don't slam. They just sit there in the box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid View Post
    Hmmm, mine don't slam. They just sit there in the box.
    If their opened, their happy figures.
    After 11 months The BEST/WORST figure poll is still going strong.

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    I'm actually disappointed in the McQ Yoda and Obi Wan. A figure of that blue gnome looking Yoda with the hat would've been better. The skirts just flare out too much on both figures and Obi Wan's skirt being white, it doesn't go with the beige-ish color of the rest of his outfit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaff View Post
    If their opened, their happy figures.
    don't forget ya got a coin to spend too.

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    Still looking for a set of C4 medallions


    I posted this on another site, but wanted to see if my local buddies might be able to help me out as well: I have to trade: GG's C4 Luna Lovegood Harry Potter bust, the SDCC Cody bust, and a Mace Windu animated maquette: I'm looking for all of the C4 medallions.

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    Burbank Target reset! ...and had nothing new for SW, besides restocking BPs for the first time in months. The TAC pegs are pretty full, and the reset turned up some more stashes I guess, since there was an R5-J2 and Power Droid accompanying Rieekan & Dofine on the Legends/TSC pegs. I moved that returned Legends 3PO over there, but some employee won't care and will put it back with the cards that 'match'.

    In addition to the BPs (Tantive/Geo) there was another found stash from long ago: a Felucia BP. So I picked it up for $5; box was damaged from being under an aisle for months, and having the floor cleaning stuff seep under the aisles I'm guessing. Also got a 2nd VTAC Luke for $3.

    Three pegs for comic packs, but no Wave 3 to fill it out... just another set of Wave 2 and the wave 1 pegwarmers that come with it. There's very little space now for JLU 3-packs, so we'll probably sit on the pegwarmers for awhile. Only 3 pegs for basics, too, so it'll be lots of Bats & Supes. GIJoe's got a nice big empty section now. Ridiculous. They've got a couple cases of the 5-packs out, no basics. Marvel Legends has a couple pegs... ALSO empty.

    Still no new TF Deluxe, but the Robot Replicas action figures are out there finally.

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    Burbank Fry's has three cases of figures- found a Jawa, McChewie, and others. Some cases are stacked overhead- FYI.

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