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    I'm not sure the scalpers in my area are as colorful as in the Burbank, SFV, Westside, but they're characters. And I think many if not most have connections to Frank and Sons. The ones I've noticed:

    1)A dude with little marble eyes who wears flip flops and drives a luxury German car but who apparently has no job because when I've had days off, I've seen him at TRU well past 10 a.m.

    2)A tallish Asian guy who looks like the angry Chinese delivery guy in an episode of Seinfeld, complete with balding head. This guy is definitely a Frank and Scummer. Saw him clear a Target out of Hello Kitty water coolers once. That's classy. He also gets the VIP treatment at the Montebello KB--getting first dibs in the morning even before the store opens.

    3) An English-challenged guy who haunts the 24-hour San Dimas Wal-Mart who says he buys stuff for friends in "Japan." Bought $800 worth of figures once, according to one employee. I saw him buying 3 or 4 cases of the new Disney Cars at Baldwin Park Wal-Mart. Nice, polite, friendly guy--but a scalper for sure.

    4)A Latino dude with curly hair under a baseball cap who is chummy with other scalpers. I've seen him at a few places, last time buying what seemed like a box and a half worth of MP Starscreams. He worked in tandem with an Asian guy(the latter being someone I ran into at Covina TRU when I found wave 7. Oddly, he wasn't too scalpery that morning).

    5)A tallish Latino guy with a ferrety face and curly hair. I've seen this guy all over the San Gabriel Valley. I think Hot Wheels is his main thing. Only after will he saunters to Star Wars. I'm pretty sure he's a Frank and Son guy.

    6)An older Japanese looking guy, very short, with 60's mop hair cut and a thick mustache that's turning white in parts. Very jittery dude. I think he has some connection to Frank and Sons.

    And assorted other characters.

    Jeezus. It sucks to live in the Frank and Sons sphere of influence. Having said that, I have found that most of these guys are not overly aggressive if other collectors are around. Most seem willing to share--to an extent. Then again, these aren't the toughest looking hombres, so maybe that has something to do with it.
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    went to burbank tru today, didnt know it opened at 800am until some customer exited the store, all the time i was just hanging out in my car thought it opened at 9. meet bluesnags and speck there. lots of darth revan, malak, mcvader, cyborg grevious. i stashed couple revans. pm me put there were lots hanging on the pegs

    thanks bluesnags for the trade awsome figure

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    I don't know how you guys are getting so lucky. My stores are getting NO (zero) TAC and tons of Saga Legends.

    The Death Star Droid, TC-14, black R4, Biker Scout, etc. were all prevalent at my TRU this morning. I went about 8:30 after Target and learning from another collector (of Hot Wheels) that the store now opened at 8am).

    Target had nothing either.

    Oh, Transformers Deluxe Wave with 2008 BumbleBee is showing up everywhere. Target and Toys R Us had it in good quantity today.
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    Hit Burbank and Los Feliz TRU this morning. At Burbank, picked up:

    1x R2 w/Cargo Net
    1x Ewok 2-pack
    1x A-Wing Pilot Tycho
    1x Spirit Hayden
    1x McQuarrie Solo
    1x McQuarrie Starkiller

    Loads of Wave 5, including Revan and Malak, but only one Starkiller on the pegs - plus, the other half of the Wave 7 case was "mysteriously" missing. You know how it is.

    At Los Feliz, grabbed some Saga Legends I was missing:

    1x Green Clone Trooper
    2x R4
    2x RA-7
    2X TC-14

    They had one Spirit Hayden on the pegs when I got there, so they've must've had Wave 7 earlier as well. Ended up running into CrunchyNug, Speck, Figrin and Gambitguru at the various stores...good times. Thanks to Gambit for the trade. I'm all caught up again except for a White/White SL Sandtrooper and the SL Evolutions Orange Sandtrooper.

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    Nuts! Wish I'd been at TRU then instead of Target. No new figures except more old Legends maybe. I did pick up the two repainted Vipers from the Titaniums.

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    ARC Battle Packs!!!!

    More finds today - found this at Target this morning:

    (See attached pic)

    -Good Old Snags
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    OK, all the good stuff at TRU that Snags and Gambit and I found at 9am was gone by 1pm. Not a single Revan or Malek to be found. A few Roron Corobbs and C3PO/Salacious. Figrin, did you grab all that good stuff?

    No signs of new "Cars" today.

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    I have wave 7 stashed at La Cienega TRU - No McHans however, just the ewoks, Tycho, R2 and Ani. PM me if you want it.

    I saw Snags this morning at Los Feliz TRU. Grabbed a TC-14, RA-7 and a Scout Trooper. Snags, there was actually a smashed bubble Tycho at that store way way in the back of the pegs.

    I headed over to Burbank TRU later on, but apparently after most of you had been there. I got the Firefly and Cobra Ninja that Snags stashed for me but left Shipwreck, Cobra Officer and a Red Ninja behind in the stash. PM me if you want those. As for the SW figs there, I only bought 1 Hermi, 1 Revan, 1 Malek and 1 Grievous. Someone else must've come in afterwards and bought up everything.

    La Cienega TRU had quite a lot of wave 7 but no McHans. I just need those and a lot of white Sandtroopers and I'll be caught up.

    from Crenshaw WM, I got the wave 4 comic packs.

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    You guys need to sleep in tomorrow and give the rest of us a chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    I have wave 7 stashed at La Cienega TRU - No McHans however, just the ewoks, Tycho, R2 and Ani. PM me if you want it.....
    PM sent!!!
    Hide it, Post it, and PM it.

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