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    Baldwin Park Target had 30 Endor and Hoth Target exclusive super battlepacks or whatever they're called. Probably equal numbers of each. On top shelf. I'm passing on these. No AT-RT assault battlepack, which is what I'm looking for.
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    Anyone have an extra MOMC UGH McChewie? I'm about to spend $12 to have one shipped to me.

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    I found absolutely NO Star Wars stuff while in China... but just got back to Encino a few minutes ago and have a wall of boxes from EE and to open. It's like Christmas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jango Speck View Post
    Anyone have an extra MOMC UGH McChewie? I'm about to spend $12 to have one shipped to me.
    I think I do! Not sure how "M" the card is. Got it awhile back for trade bait, but I've never really traded so I never advertised really

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkagent View Post
    Hit Los Feliz TRU this morning. They had cases of Wave 4, 5 and Wave 7 out. Only 1 McSolo (there should have been at least 6) and 2 McVaders on the shelves, No UGH McStormie, but thet did have UGH Luke and Han. Apparently they restocked before closing last night. So, either someone got really lucky last night or the employees got them.

    Hit the wrong TRU this morning! Burbank had a whole lot of dusty nuthin'. The TF section was full to bursting -- looked like newish stuff. Also stopped by Burbank Target, and saw even less than what Toonimator described. Almost everything he mentioned was cleared out.

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    This morning at City of Hawthorne TRU, me, my buddy, and a new guy were 1st to the SW section. My buddy grabbed a McSolo and the new guy I didn't know was nice enough to give me an extra McSolo he found. There was also a bunch of wave 5 and 7 left after we were done, but no more MCSolos or Starkillers.

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    Dropped by Alhambra TRU just before lunchtime... given the time of day, I was surprised to find 1 Concept Solo and 2 Concept Vader... bought Solo and 1 Vader, left the other one. Pegs were a little lightweight but they did have a Cargo Net R2 and a few other things. TF Deluxe section was the fullest I've seen it for months, including Jazz, Arcee, Brawl etc. They had heaps of the $20 vehicles but they are all shelved 9 feet off the ground (why???) and, of course, are $25.

    The nearby Target was a bit disappointing, none of the new Battle Packs although they had a few of the ARC-170 elite squads, and Betrayal on Bespin (not sure how new that one is).

    When I got back I realised my Concept Solo has a bent card, so if anyone wants one to open I'm happy to pass him on. I'll be in town until Wednesday evening.

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    I got the last of my Target exclusives this morning. I've had to drop some $$$ to do so, but in the last few days I've got -

    ARC-170 BP
    AT-RT BP
    Hoth BP
    Endor BP

    WOW or never is right!!!

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    Aussie, you have a PM!

    Thanks to Crunchy and his magical list of DPCI numbers, I picked up the AT-RT Assault Squad at Target today. I usually don't go for vehicles, but I really wanted that dang Clone Commander!

    - J

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    TRU La Cienega had the Hermie wave. No Malak, two Revans,.. no McFigures at all... is that a revision case or did the Mcfigs possibly go out the back door??

    Couple of dudes there to grab the Rock Band PS3/XBox game.
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