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    Got my Bantha BPs today from Toys R The boxes were in pretty good condition. The only problems was the windows were crushed. It's a good thing I got this under the buy one get one free deal, because I don't think I would have bought it if I had to pay $45 for just one.

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    Also got my Banthas today from 2 fer 1 is the way to go on these things. Not my favorite toy ever... but I loves me the beasts so s'all good!

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    Burbank Target had the new ships in finally... big thanks to JodyB for hookin me up with the Infiltrator, I did end up buying it due to the sale. Figured I'd save $2 now, even if the kid's not getting it for a little while yet. Can't wait to tear into the V-wing! Also got Titanium Classic Cylon Raider, but no Battlestar Pegasus was on the pegs (too full of older SW, TF, and Spidey 3 I guess). No TAC figures, but plenty of TSC late-assortment revisions, from Carkoon Fett to Jango to Hoth R2 to Endor Luke to Appo.

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    Target on Rodeo & LA Cienaga had nothing this morning, the best part was catching up with Funny Money and chatting about celebration IV.

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    Got me a pair of V-Wings this morning at Target. Nice to get these while they're on sale too. Can't wait to open them up tonight. Looks like I'm all caught up for the time being. Gonna snooze a little until w3 hits our shores.

    For you JLU folks, I found Stargirl 3-pack yesterday at Target. Be on the lookout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by santosha View Post
    Target on Rodeo & LA Cienaga had nothing this morning, the best part was catching up with Funny Money and chatting about celebration IV.
    Good fun! After La Cienega Target I drove all the way to Century Blvd Target to find bare pegs as far as TAC waves, 66, and ships go. TRU La Cienega had zero as well,.. Unless You are looking for TAC Obi or R2s.
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    Thanks to KM Toydarian for the Titanium stash. Also found a 501st Clonetrooper there too, which I've also been looking for. Didn't see anything else new today. Stopped by the Target on Sepulveda (near Sherman Oaks) and saw they were in the process of doing a reset (10:30am). Maybe they'll have something new later today.

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    Grabbed a V-Wing and stashed a Sith Infiltrator in Pasadena. PM for the location. What is with these weird Saga case assortments?

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    Found biggs luke and han today

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    Spotted an Order 66 set yesterday at NoHo Target, it had Yoda... and nobody else. Someone stole the clone.
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