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    darkagent, I'll take the Cars stash with the helicopter!

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    Target Exclusives

    Found the new ARC-170, ARC-170 BP and AT-ST Kashyyk at Burbank Target this morning. No sign of the UBPs though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jango Speck View Post
    AT-ST Kashyyk
    What's that?

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    Both Cars stashes claimed. Enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cataclizm1 View Post
    What's that?
    Sorry, I couldn't remember the exact name. It's the camouflage-deco chicken walker with drivers set.

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    Target La Cienaga also had the chicken walker, 1 Arc70 and Tie bombers with Pilots, also a bunch of cars. Jefferson Target had nothing this morning.

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    When I got to Target a bit after 9, they still had a bunch of the AT-RT packs and one GH Cinema (DS Assault) and one ARC-170. Otherwise, bare shelves. I also relocated the SL to their proper pegs, and there was enough room for all of them with the Vader hooked right up front... leaving TONS of peg space for TAC.


    If the stockers actually use their scanners properly.

    I forgot to check, but there may still be a Darth Vader behind the Unleashed BPs, for the low-low price of $9.99! Yep, someone returned another coin album Vader recently, probably for the full price too since they're back in the system. I moved it away from the basics since nobody in their right mind would buy it, and it'd stink if some clueless parent dropped $3 extra on a crappy Vader.

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    Oops, I forgot to report that I stashed two ARC-170 Battle Packs at Burbank Target. PM me for the 411.

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    The Target exclusives are spread out pretty erratically around the San Gabriel Valley. Some stores have the ARC170 Elite Squad packs in great numbers(Pico Rivera), others had none out, though plenty in the stockroom(Baldwin Park), and some had a few out (Commerce). A few had the AT-RTs, but I can't remember which. A few had the ARC170 fighter, and Pico Rivera had at least a half dozen. Most had the Ultimate Battlepacks, though generally between 3 and 10 now as opposed to two dozen.

    Found Disney Cars' Fred today at Duarte Target.
    Galactic Barn Burner

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    Thanks to Darkagent, I am now 99% caught up on "Cars" die-cast.

    I hit up Glendale Target just before close tonight: Tie-Bombers, ARC-170s, ARC 170 BP's, UBP, AT-RT's etc. I only took the cars, but could have spent a small fortune on SW. I hope I don't regret someday, not buying the UBP. You've got to admit they are an amazing value, and a better idea than a $99 shuttle.

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