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    Quote Originally Posted by Jango Speck View Post
    Thanks to Darkagent, I am now 99% caught up on "Cars" die-cast.

    I hit up Glendale Target just before close tonight: Tie-Bombers, ARC-170s, ARC 170 BP's, UBP, AT-RT's etc. I only took the cars, but could have spent a small fortune on SW. I hope I don't regret someday, not buying the UBP. You've got to admit they are an amazing value, and a better idea than a $99 shuttle.
    I love how target releases 5 exclusives at once -like everyone has the $ and/or room for them all at once.
    the shuttle was only $60 j. speck. An enormous vehicle and 2 decent figures is not to shabby for that price. Although, one could argue that the UBPs are a better value with what you get. Whatever, just a bunch of repainted boring repacks. Personally, I've wanted a shuttle ever since i was 8 yrs. old and my fantasy became true last year. Not just any shuttle, the Imperial shuttle!!!!!!!!

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    Oops, I was thinking of the TRU AT-AT and the Target Shuttle and was remembering how I missed both the first time around. $60 was a decent price I suppose. The funny thing now is the exclusive prices: $29.99 for ARC-170, $35 for Tie Bomber, $49 for UBP- these would have been more expensive had they been a TRU exclusive.

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    No doubt! Burbank Target didn't really have anything but more Legends, and old Legends at that (still no Evo-mold Sandies). I did my OCD repegging thing and stood a bunch of extra SLs on the shelf below the pegs, leaving tons of room for TAC. Someone came by and scanned both types of pegs, and went to grab the shelved figures so I mentioned that there were too many for those pegs (thinking she might try to stuff 'em on the TAC like the overnight people do), but she was just removing 'em! Hey, someone did the right thing for a change

    There was a Hermi Odle, Kybuck, and an UGH McChewie as "new" arrivals in TAC. Not sure if there were any more before I got there, but the pegs were pretty packed. A couple GIJoe remnants says I probably missed some new goodies there. There's a lot more UBPs and more ARC-170s, but the endcap's been retagged for mostly just UBPs and blasters.

    Picked up a Deluxe Will from POTC, and there were some new CARS too: got Fred & the helicopter! Also some new 2-packs like Mr. & Mrs. The King and the Rusty/Dusty set, but the two I want--Mia & Tia and PT & Flik--were naturally absent. Ah well!

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    Los Feliz TRU put out one case of Wave 7 today and stashed a McSolo. PM me if you need it.

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    My Wal-Mart got Wave 5 - but I missed the Starkiller figure. It looks like that one and a Darth Revan were the only figures that sold from it when I found the case stocked.

    Target down here had the AT-RT assault squad, the ARC-170 and the crew for it in a small Battle Pack, and the TIE Bomber. I looked and left everything. I have it in some form or another already.
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    The McSolo stash has been claimed.

    toonimator - PM sent with the location. Enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toonimator View Post
    Not sure if there were any more before I got there, but the pegs were pretty packed. A couple GIJoe remnants says I probably missed some new goodies there.
    You didn't miss anything Toon. I saw you walking into the store as I was paying for a arc 170 pilots battlepack. There were only 2 joes on the pegs and the rest as you described it. Weird that there were only 2 joes (cobra soldier and red ninja). I think they restocked those yesterday during the day.

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    NFC Cases

    To those of you who've made deals with me for my NFC wave 7, 7.5 extras- the cases just arrived. I'll get things sorted out tonight and then we can meet up.

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    City Of hawthorne TRU: Nothing new
    Target Manhattan beach: Nothing new
    Target Redondo beach galleria: End cap full of ARC elite BP's, AT-RT assault squad BP's, TIE Bombers, ARC-170 fighter repaints, Galactic Heroes Jabba sets and X-Wing sets
    Torrance TRU: Nothing new.

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