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    Does anyone have extra Hasbro collector cases? HTS stopped selling them and I've run out. I'd love a 10-pack, but would be willing to take whatever you've got.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkagent View Post
    The McSolo stash has been claimed.

    toonimator - PM sent with the location. Enjoy.
    Thanks! He was still there at 9pm, fortunately Now my Fantastic Five are complete! Still gotta get a couple extras for customs (including trying to customize one into a better version of the painting with a cape that doesn't stand so high on the shoulders, and shave down the inside of the harness so it rests more naturally, too). Just the McSnowie and McRebel to go for all the McQuarries!

    Nothing new at Burbank Target but some more old Legends. After seeing an employee do it right yesterday, this morning it was back to "everything on TAC pegs, nothing on SL". There's 2 pegs of Mace, three Galactic Marines, and one Vaporator Luke left in TAC, I think. Pretty sad.

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    City of Hawthorne TRU: Nothing new
    Target manhattan beach: Pax Bonkik x2, all the other new figs were wiped out before i got there. No exclusives put out.
    Torrance Walmart: R2 with ewok net x4, no other newer figs were there.

    Today I got my BK R2D2 toy in the mail special thanks to Luuuuuuke!

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    I forgot, I just found out today that my Wait List on Commander Praji was converted to an order!

    Plus Obi-Wan's on his way in the next couple weeks.

    Of all the times to go on extended hiatus...

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    Heads up to any ACME fans out there: Exclusive Holiday Special Boba Fett Character Key - limited to 750:;pcid1=;pcid2=

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    Also worth noting: it's Hyperspace members only!

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    I'd definitely get one of those Holiday Fett keys except I'm not a Hyperspace member.

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    Latest wave of GI Joes are up on HasbroToyShop.

    FRIENDS20 will get you 20% off

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    Arggggh!! all I wanted from that GI Joe wave was the Air trooper but naturally it's sold out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSnags View Post
    Latest wave of GI Joes are up on HasbroToyShop.

    FRIENDS20 will get you 20% off


    Thanks! I ordered one storm shadow and with the code the total was $5.19!! Cheaper than any store.

    Can anyone with the Hyperspace membership hook me up with a Fett character key? Please pm me if you can.

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