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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSnags View Post

    The McRebel w/coin was included with the 2008 figures, but it's a Walmart-only wave ("The Best Of The Best") with older figures packed in with the new stuff. As far as I know the McRebels in all future waves will have the stand.

    Good to know. Thanks. I've been working in Valencia this month so hopefully I will find more "Best of the Best" up there at Wal-Mart. I avoid Panorama if I can.
    If I can't track down a loose coin, I might take you up on some sort of deal.

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    I found one of these "best of the best" cases over the weekend and it didn't have any '08 figures, but it did have 3 McRebels (all with coins).

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    <-- Still looking for an ARC-170 Crew Battle Pack if anyone's got a spare. Loose or in package, doesn't matter. Now I wish I'd picked up the one I saw for $14 a couple weeks ago!

    - J

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    I've got an extra "The Batman" Flash and Superman, if anyone here needs them. Just PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkagent View Post
    I've got an extra "The Batman" Flash and Superman, if anyone here needs them. Just PM me.
    Sending you a PM right now. Hopefully I'm not too late.

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    ................need.........kashyyyk......trooper .............

    my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSnags View Post
    Ordered these from amazon last week and they showed up today. Wave 2 should be hitting retail any day now.


    Those are sweet! I have to check to see if I ordered them from anywhere...

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    Right on, bro - they are pretty cool! I wanna tear 'em open, but the cards are in really good shape. I guess I'll wait for the Wave 2 case I ordered to get here before I crack any open. I want to get 5-10 of each, but they're one per case ... so it'll be next to impossible to find one at retail, much less ten.

    [FONT=Arial Narrow]

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    Nice get there Snagmeister

    Got my MM Stormtrooper in the mail today from Wallyworld, the first issue with the light, light gray apps. My goodness I'm totally diggin on these lil MM fellas
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