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    Down with the firewall at work!

    I missed out on Gree and the Kashykk troopers but since I'm army building the latter, I'll still have to search at retail anyhow. I did order the tri droid, the Deuce, Obi Wan and Anakin.

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    Gree and Kashykk Trooper are in stock once again at HTS! Act now!

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    thanks for the tip fig. I ordered a k-troop and a panning droid, too bad i'll have to pay shipping again, but it was sold out by the time i got to it thurs.

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    Here's a present for you guys:

    The target site only had 1 on the page, but I made it 4 for you big spenders.

    Original page:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    How could you not want Po Nudo, JT? He's the coolest new figure in that wave!

    Everything else is a rehash-resculpt, aside from the Octopara Droid - and the mining pan droid is just an over-hyped accessory that Hasbro carded to make them some extra bucks.
    I can't imagine why anybody would want Po Nudo, he's a nothing background guy who looks way overdesigned in the face and doesn't do anything. Basically, he's a mega-boring guy with a creature mask, I've got my fill of that from the OT.

    As for the other figures, let's break it down:
    Anakin as Vader - new hip articulation for better poses, a figure we haven't had done as a basic at this quality.
    Obi-Wan - new hip articulation for better poses, new head looks pretty good.
    Kashyyyk Trooper - never had this before, the previous is a phony, a cheap quick repaint.
    Cmdr Gree - Truthfully, this was one I was unsure of, it was the last addition to my cart, I only added him to experience the new universal-jointed wrists.
    Tri-Droid - looks very cool even if the wrong design.
    Panning Droid - someone made a really awesome replica of this guy at CIV, he's both a fun little droid and an action figure stand.
    2-1B - I'm not a major fan of this design, but it'll go somewhere in my collection and it'd be easier than trying to track it down later. I can't believe you'd even consider complaining about this one, it's a new figure for your dioramas (the ROTS design is different from ESB).

    So yeah, I am confident in the justification on this purchase.

    Quote Originally Posted by metaljedi View Post
    Just a heads up to everyone. The Force Unleashed wave was found out here in the IE at Walmart this afternoon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cataclizm1 View Post
    Here's a present for you guys:

    The target site only had 1 on the page, but I made it 4 for you big spenders.

    Original page:
    But it says it's void if copied or transferred, "oh noes!!!1" . To be honest, I can't actually remember the last time I spent over $25 on toys at Target, it's always in little dribs and drabs there.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Luke Stormtrooper Maquette for Sale

    OK, I have an extra Luke/Dionaga Animated Maquette. The only problem is, Luke's head was broken clean off during shipping. With the way this statue is designed, you could easily glue it back on and never know since the point of the break is covered by the dionaga tentacle. So, if that little detail doesn't bother you and you want to pay less than retail, send me a PM. I'm offering this up on SSG L.A. only to avoid shipping hassles, but if there aren't any local takers next week, I'll offer it to out-of-towners and on another forum.

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    Thanks for the coupon link, Cataclizm!

    If only I had those coupons when I bought 4 evo sets last Sunday.

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    I have extra of the following GI JOE 2-pack:

    Ace/ Wild Weasel

    If you want to meet me and pick them up PM me.

    Also if anyone sees "Cobra Commander (87 Armored)," "Torpedo," or "Rock and Roll," please stash for me.

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    Burbank TRU did a reset and now the Legends figures all have the "2008 Clone Wars" promo sticker on them. I found two full cases of the new Evolutions packs at 1:30 today (in a pile of stuff being stocked), took one for myself but couldn't stash the other because it was under a bunch of boxes next to the stocker.

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    Somebody said they needed a Pax Bonkik stash quite a few weeks ago but I forgot who. It's stashed for you over at Deadwood (Los Feliz) TRU if you still need it.

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