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    Quote Originally Posted by Funny Money View Post
    La Cienega TRU (sorry, late post),.. Stashed-
    Evo packs,- Sith, Vader Secret Appr., and Fett sets, along with more GI Joes: Snow Job, Crimson Guard, Armored Cobra Commander, Rock & Roll (x2) and Lieutenant Torpedo

    PM me for location,.. BTW, they are stashed in the same place
    Welcome back, and good job on the stash. You don't even skip a beat brother. I'd like another Torpedo honestly, but that store's a wee bit far for me.

    Snags, it sure is fun people watching these days. I've been running into a lot of regulars over the past few weeks in the mornings and it's been quite interesting observing some very strange behavior.

    Headphones was hiding behind a pile of dog food one morning at Target until everyone else was done shopping. Plumber Bob has been chatting me up lately at TRU and even Peg-Leg Pete was staring me down just the other day at a Walmart. But, somehow I still manage to keep bringing home the loot...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Commtech View Post
    Hey Fig, was the snake eyes still there? I need it for a friend. LMK.
    Yes, Snake Eyes is still there

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    Has anyone come across any Sigma 6 Lt. Stone or Battlefield Cobra Commander figures at TRU? I've only come across a Storm Shadow and Arctic Snake Eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    Come on JT, La Cienega TRU isn't that bad. For the time being until Los Feliz TRU gets their act together, I guess that's my regular TRU stop. Anything to not have to see El Baldy (los feliz stocking manager) bringing out cases for Dirty Sanchez and Hootie.
    Dude, that stocking manager at the Los Feliz TRU is a total douchebag. I remember him bringing out Marvel Legends cases (when I used to collect them) out for those 2 retards you mentioned and then saying nothing new has come in. Totally ****ed me off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TFWMrRoboto View Post
    Has anyone come across any Sigma 6 Lt. Stone or Battlefield Cobra Commander figures at TRU? I've only come across a Storm Shadow and Arctic Snake Eyes.
    I'm pretty sure I saw them a couple days ago at La Cienega TRU.

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    Thanks to Commtech for the Gree this morning at Burbank Target! I may exchange him later, his helmet deco's pretty off-center. First new basic figure of the 2008 line! Then I went over to NH (since Headphones went to Burbank this morning) and actually found a Kashyyyk Trooper on the front of the pegs. Picked him up, passed on the two Po Nudos, that was all from 2008 figs. also got the Luke/Deena comic pack. The hats almost make it worth the horribly cheap "Admiral" Luke.

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    Pico Rivera Walmart had an entire peg of the Deena/Jundland comic pack last night. There were at least 4, likely more. Had I not given this hobby up for lent, I'd have bought them all. Instead, I stashed them if anyone is interested.

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    I stashed a Kasyyk Trooper at Target Manhattan Beach. PM for details.

    I've been seeing some extra annoying scalpers at Torrance Walmart. One is a big tall ogre looking guy that always wears a Rams Jacket. Has short brushed back greyish hair and walks with a slight limp, but man does he power-walk. Also looks at everyone like he wants to kill them. There is also a couple, maybe married: An older asian woman with horrible teeth and the worst laugh you ever heard. Her partner is a tall white guy with gray hair, and glasses, kind of sounds like a doof when he talks. They all power walk/ run to the hotwheels, and if they find nothing new they check the SW and the Transformers.

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    Shopping for non-SW related items today led to, natch, a few toy aisle fly-bys. The scoop:

    Deadwood Target - lived up to its name. Still have yet to see any 2008 waves here (except Evo sets, which they get occasionally).

    Eagle Crock Target - One lone Po Nudo, and strangely, a bunch of Wave 7.5. They did have the Force Unleashed Warriors Battle Pack (w/ Juno Eclipse).

    Los Feliz TRU - Figrin had this one pegged -- it's a mess with all the construction. A few Rex-stickered Wave 7 & 8 figures, but nothing special.

    I wish Hasbro would make a Battle Pack with all our favorite scalpers -- "Assault on Frank & Son" Walmart exclusive!

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    Went to Burbank Target this afternoon and noticed a cart full of toys waiting to be stocked on the floor. I quickly perused it, dodged an employee, then found a 2008 wave 1r1 box. I quickly uncovered it from the other piles of boxes and found it already open, but a Kashyyk Trooper was still inside. I can't remember the last time I saw Target restock Star Wars during the day. Nothing else good anywhere in town today.

    I did email my GG Obi Wan Clone Armor redemption today- can't wait for that mini-bust. I had to disassemble the statue so I could safely turn it upside down to take the picture. That really sucked- but I was able to do it without any breakage. I bet GG is hoping that everyone breaks their statues trying to photograph the bases. If I had a glass table, it would have been easy.

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