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    thanks for the tip FB, but they're really not guaranteed to be SA 501st. I don't like to gamble.

    Speaking of 501st, and hoping not to sound like an &*$%&le hypocrite, I spotted 2 sa 501sts at la cienega TRU tonight and bought them. Prior to this I had 0, (unless i count Appo) so I got both. One had a bad card, one good. There I have it -opener & carded. They also had 3 Mcsolos, which I'm surprised no one bought, all decent cards and a ton of SL. The main display had very few with rex stickers, the endcap display had at least 70% rex stickered. They also had all the evolutions packs. There was a jedi evo stashed between vehicles on the bottom shelf - I left it alone. No good TFs or joes really.

    started the 400th page - cool!!!!!!
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    Picked up all of the SL clones with the Rex sticker this morning at Pico Rivera Wal-Mart. They only had one set. I'll probably get three more Covert Ops troopers if I see them and 2 more Neyos.

    Saw a Kashyyk trooper and a couple of Grees at Baldwin Park Wal-Mart, plus one Force Unleashed figure(the male Jedi dude). I passed. Didn't stash the Kashyyk trooper cause hardly anyone who posts here seems to go to that WM.
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    I found force unleased at Target Manhattan beach. Picked up Battle damage Vader, Imperial Evo trooper, Jumptrooper, and a shadow guard.

    I stashed a set of BD Vader, Evo, and Jumptrooper. PM for location.

    Also if anyone sees the Walmart exclusive Iron man figure I need it! Pick it up for me or stash. It looks like this:

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    Actually found sme new stuff this morning. Went to Rosemead WM looking for Iron Movie figures (none to be found), but did find all the FU wave except for the EVO Trooper. Went to Target and found all the Iron Man figures including the Target exclusive Silver Centurion IM. Then went to Duarte WM and found the War Machine IM exclusive. It looks like they had just put out the big aisle display case, so no morning scalpers were able to get any.

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    Evil Rock Target had all the Joe comic packs in abundance as of 230pm. Lent is over, so I finally caught up, getting Tomax/Xamot. The rest I picked up on HTS.

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    I stashed 2 SA 501st at La Cienega TRU as well as another 2 at Los Feliz TRU. I also stashed a Tomax/Xamot at La Brea Target.

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    I also found the Wal-Mart exclusive War Machine (stealth operations suit) at the Wal-Mart in Monrovia. It was 2pm and they had just put out the Iron Man movie display and it looked great full of figures. I really dig this war machine version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    I stashed 2 SA 501st at La Cienega TRU as well as another 2 at Los Feliz TRU. I also stashed a Tomax/Xamot at La Brea Target.
    la cienega must've put them out today, b/c i didn't see them Fri. No wonder i never see tomax/xamot everyone's hidin em!!!

    luuuuke - i assume you're talking about wave 5 SL????

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    Stopped by Walmart today - ended up with this haul:

    [FONT=Arial Narrow]

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSnags View Post
    Stopped by Walmart today - ended up with this haul:

    Are you hitting wallyworld in the morning or late at night?

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