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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    I"disparaging talk" about SL??? But I've bought 12 of those SA 501st!
    My bad on this.

    Some of the old SL figs had Rex stickers, so I assumed it was SL Wave 6 (going off EE's site). Next time I'll report in when the good stuff shows up --

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    No worries, Frank.

    Actually, you probably saved us money as "Deadwood" Target has higher prices for Saga Legends. Upwards of $7 if memory serves me correctly. I found some 501st there recently and was going to purchase until I realized how much they were. Oddly enough, their TAC figs are still 6.64.

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    Finally found an AT AP at Glendale Target. I hadn't been there for some time and was rewarded for the trip. They had several Order 66, minus Tsui Choi. No GI JOE exclusives.

    Los Feliz TRU seems to change appearances daily. The place is a mess and had nothing worth going in for.

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    Made a last minute run at 9:45 to Sherman Oaks Target. On the second floor, at the registers there was a full order66 display, along with the tubed Transformers. 2 shelves of order66, including Tsu Choi.
    I stashed 2 Chois, and there were still some in the display.
    PM for stash location, but in theory there should be a few still on the endcap in the morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MicroJow View Post
    Hey, if anyone spots the new Indiana Jones Lego sets around Porter Ranch, Panorama City, or Stevensons Ranch, please post the news here? I've been hitting up Panorama City every other day and coming up with squat. Thanks!

    - J
    Hey Microjow, I was just at the Stevenson Ranch Wal Mart and there is a whole Indy Lego display in the center aisle of the toy section and they were stocking all sets. Good luck!

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    I stashed two Order 66 Tsu Choi's at Burbank Target this morning. PM for the 411.

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    Thanks, Wampa! But guess what's ringing up as "RESTRICTED - DO NOT SELL" at the registers? Methinks LucasFilm doesn't want these released until May 1st, like the rest of the new Indy toys.

    I got what I went for, tho. I wanted three of the Jungle Duel sets (needed the tents for a custom and the heads / hairpieces for another.) So when they rang up as restricted, I went back and grabbed an old Motorcycle Chase set - same price, so I rang it up three times at self-checkout, bagged the three Jungle Duels, and left the Motorcycle Chase on the checkout counter. I know it's not like I stole anything, but I felt so damn guilty for doing it!

    - J

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    You screwed with their computer inventory.

    First, you might have indicated that the store had more motorcycle chase sets than it actually did?

    Then a hard-inventory count will reveal 3 extra cycle sets.

    Meanwhile, it will still report 3 new Indy sets as having been stolen, but you'll just hold a receipt saying you paid for "something." (3 motorcycle sets)

    If the store's computer thinks 3 motorcycle sets sold, it might even order more motorcycle sets, stalling how much Indy becomes available.

    In the end both honesty should be the best policy, and the stores shouldn't let careless employees be unsupervised so they make such mistakes.
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    Great. Now I feel all guilty again.

    - J

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    all the poor kids missing their lego sets.

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