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    I was the sole local at Burbank TRU midnight madness. Wormser and D&C were working the doors in their "cool" costumes and lightsabers. There was one obviously pregnant woman staggering around smoking cigarettes. I wanted to say something, but it was probably too late anyway for the kid.

    The crowd was very small, and there was tons of stock to be had including lots of Evolutions- all of which I passed on. I would love the Falcon, but with my new house there's no money or place to put it.

    I want the Padme's, but Hasbro really cheaped out by painting them with such plain colors. I grabbed a Snow Padme for my daughter- and even though the face paint kinda sucks, the figure and cape are overall really good.

    There was a 12 figure limit, so I had to really pick and choose. I still need the Ewoks and Sandstorm Luke, plus that black pilot figure. There were plenty of Yarnas. I am torn on the clone wars figures because I never liked the "real" versions, only the animated variety. So I grabbed the IG88 and Scuba Trooper, but left the Jedi figures. I might go back for Saesee Tiin with his armor.

    No sign of any new mighty muggs.

    By the way, TRU had figures for $6.99. Glendale Target had them today for $7.99, and Burbank KB has plenty of figures for $8.99 each.

    Glad you guys enjoyed the Con, but I can't say I missed it- the crowds and my aching feet were a drag last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrunchyNug View Post
    Uncle Fester sighting (Snags will get this one.)
    Haha! Was he hanging out at the AFA booth?

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    Back from SDCC also. If I were any more tired I'd be dead.

    Great seeing some of the guys down there. I'm kinda outta the Hasbro game these days, but I helped my pal Snags score a bit of stuff down at the Con.

    Glad to hear you all had excellent Midnight Madness experiences.

    Cool to see Crunchy down there... and I also ran into Toonimator and Turbo for the first time in forever!

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    i was wrong in my last post, the imperial pilot and Rebel pilot #2 Evolutions are out. The reports i heard were mainly from Target, but the other chains, i'm not sure of and might be worth a try.

    shot ya a pm Crunchy

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    Weird no mention of the SDCC exclusives on HTS yet. But I heard comic2008 will get you 10% off when they go up...

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    exclusives are up!!! Blue Cobra Com's are limit 1 so I did two orders.

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    Looks like the Blue Commanders sold out in about 15 min. Black Commander still available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSnags View Post
    Looks like the Blue Commanders sold out in about 15 min. Black Commander still available.

    It didn't help that there were server issues! I kept getting a "your request could not be completed. Click here if not redirected in 5 seconds.

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    I found the new Comic Packs this morning at Target. I got Durge/Anakin and Assaj/What's his Face. There were lots of leftovers from the weekend, but nothing that I really needed.

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    Evo Packs

    If anyone is shopping for Evo packs, check out your local WM's as they are selling them for $15.00. I was able to pick up the rebel pilots #2 at my WM.

    Also picked up a holo Grievous at TRU. I am amazed at the stupidity of the TRU workers. While in SD for the convention, I stopped by a TRU in National City and I asked the girl about the exclusive figure and she looked at me as if I was speaking in a foreign tongue. She had no clue what I was talking about. I stopped by my local TRU today looking for it and the guy did not know what I was talking about. He was nice enough to check the stock room and came out with a fresh case of figs with the Ewok, which I still needed. I called another location and they had it and when I went there they were behind the customer service counter. If anyone is looking for them go to that booth and they will sell them to you for $10.

    Also picked up the Durge and Asajj comic packs at my local Target. Found the Lando and Dooku packs at a WM, but no Wookie pack. Between SDCC and scoring complete sets of the new figures, I am broke (for now).

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