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    Quote Originally Posted by darkagent View Post
    Found the new TFA Deluxe Wave 3 today at Target. Picked up Swoop, but passed on Sentinel Prime and Elite Bumblebee.

    Nooooooooooo! And you didn't stash for your SSG pals?

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    Animated Deluxes haven't been that hard to find so we should be able to find them everywhere soon. As long as you don't go to a store with 8 Oil Slicks on the pegs.

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    I know, it's just the gotta-have-it-now factor. But I've learned to be patient (sometimes).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Commtech View Post
    Nooooooooooo! And you didn't stash for your SSG pals?
    Sorry, but it was in the San Gabriel Valley.

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    i can just picture a crazy robot chicken skit, in which someone calls Durge at his house and Chewie answers. <insert wookiee noise>

    worse than the switcheroo though, on Sunday at Fallbrook target I saw a ripped open bubble with a kashyyyk trooper and BAD missing. I know Target's prices suck, but come on. Today at another target i saw the GI joe vehicle pack with the VAMP vs. Serpentor & air chariot with just the VAMP (i think that's the right name) no figs, no chariot. I showed an employee and he took it away.
    I'm disappointed, in all of my runs this weekend I didn't see a trace of wave 3 or the new comic packs. But i did manage to grab a BMF tonite at Rosemead wally. Thanks Maradona!! Man that place is a *^&%h to get to if u've never been. I've tried to go there 2 other times & failed. Glad i got there tonite though.

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    That was the Armadillo Tank then; the VAMP is a 4-wheeler and is packed by itself (with driver) just like the HISS Tank. Armadillo w/ Serpentor's Air Chariot and RAM with Trubble Bubble complete the vehicle packs. Hopefully my HTS orders with the VAMP and RAM/TB show up today! Now they need to release a few of the artillery accessories... I needs me some FLAK cannons! Always wanted those to use w/ SW when I was a kid... and now!

    Got to Target late today, saw leftover TFA Deluxe. A couple Elite BBs, no sign of Sentinel or Swoop (and not much room for any, either). SW's a disappointing section still with full pegs of Legends & wave 1 TLC & CW. Still the same two old Comic Packs on the ONE peg they've downgraded to since making room for all that Miniature & Pocketmodel stuff that's suddenly in great supply.

    Also disappointing are the barren pegs for Dark Knight MMs, DCU, and Marvel Legends. And the pegs still full of Doc Ock for Spec Spidey. And the full pegs of that strange GIJoe assortment that keeps hitting that Target & even Burbank TRU (which hardly ever had basics over the course of the 25th line).

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    Found Swoop, Elite guard bumble bee and Sentinel Prime at Burbank and North Hollywood Targets.

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    If anyone finds the new SW comic packs, please stash me a set.

    [FONT=Arial Narrow]

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    Actually found the JLU Apolkalypse 6 pack at Target today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSnags View Post
    If anyone finds the new SW comic packs, please stash me a set.

    hey, we're supposed to be asking you that question!!!! Had the walmart way out in the IE not closed early last nite -was supposed to be a 24hr., I would've got some most likely. The rancho wally had nothing good at all.

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