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    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid View Post
    Due to a lot of non-organization on my part, I have a lot of duplicates of Star Wars figures that I really don't want to store anymore.

    I remember looking for a toy donation place last year and couldn't find one. Can someone please provide information on where to donate "new" unwrapped toys?

    Any TRU or BabiesRUs will have ToysForTots donation bins.

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    Received Legacy Wave 3 case in the mail today from an online retailer. The silver Build-a-Droid retro RA-7 is pretty cool. Unfortunately there's only 7 new figures in this case - the rest are a bunch of crappy repacks. I guess since releasing new waves packed with half older figures worked so well with their Indy line, Hasbro thought they'd duplicate it with SW. Needless to say, I returned the extras to NoHo Target tonight - hopefully Hootie will choke on them tomorrow morning.

    [FONT=Arial Narrow]

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    Picked up the Clone Wars Wave 3 figures this morning at Sepulveda Target, they are lookin nice. Thanks for the Cars Crunchy, much appreciated. Commtech, thank you for the Spiral Variant, nice surprise.

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    If anyone sees many wave 4 Stass Allies plmk. I got my HTS order in, but didn't order her. She has the other RA-7 arm i think. 2 of my cards got dinged, (they put them in a way too big coffin like box) but i'm going to open eventually. Grievous looks really cool. Glad to have him now w/o even setting foot outside.

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    Hi, guys! I used to post here a bit more. But I have been disinterested in this years offerings for the most part... Question: Is anybody on here still ordering cases? I'd go in on a case of the coming wave five or the ANH wave. I want each an every figure in this wave. Anyway, if anybody is interested, hit me back. Thanks!

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    Anyone want a loose ROTS ARC-170 ship? It comes with the box, but I have opened/assembled it, then put it back in the box because I didn't have room to display it. Asking $20.

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    Burbank Target had a CW Dooku today, I guess left over from yesterday? Nothing else from the wave, and of course he's the one I planned to skip anyway.

    BPs and Evo sets have gone up to $23.99!! Guess Target's only trying to be competitive with TRU now... $4 increase in just a couple months. Crazy.

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    Sounds like GG will be shipping the OT Obi-Wan Animated Maquette just before Thanksgiving. At long last...

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    Quote Originally Posted by toonimator View Post
    BPs and Evo sets have gone up to $23.99!! Guess Target's only trying to be competitive with TRU now... $4 increase in just a couple months. Crazy.
    I think the vehicles also went up to $24.99. It's just been within the last week. I'm so glad I picked up the new BPs last week at $21.99 and didn't wait.

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    terrible choice on Target's part (& hasbro's). Basic figure prices back down to $7 and then increase BP, evos, and vehicles? Wth??

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