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    Quote Originally Posted by Jango Speck View Post
    Chubby13's Burbank store is GONE!
    Gosh, KB gone, "halo 13" (chubby13's store), Suncoast all gone. Mervyns out of business - they had a small toy section most of the year.
    Not much in the way of toys or collectibles left at that mall. It's enough to make you sign up at the Army Recruiting store. (Of course, no offense to our troops, and all the love and support to them and their families this holiday- thank you. But I do think the Army "store" is kinda funny.)

    Saw the Sarlaac set at NoHo the other day (only one). So cheap looking and no new figs for me to get another skiff. So much cheaper than last years UBPs. The clone set I like, but am not doing much Clone Wars stuff, besides the Costco ATTE.

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    Did you all know that TRU has a rewards card program (not a credit card)?

    Since we all make purchases there all year long, we might as well get some money back on our purchases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jango Speck View Post
    Chubby13's Burbank store is GONE!
    What?! You do know he moved upstairs across from Kay-Bee where Sam Goody was, right? Or is that gone too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Commtech View Post
    What?! You do know he moved upstairs across from Kay-Bee where Sam Goody was, right? Or is that gone too?
    Hmmm...didn't know that. Saw KB, but never noticed Chubby's shop. The old Sam Goody spot is pretty big if I remember- does he have more stuff now?

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    Chubby 13 has not only moved, but he's expanded!!! There's definitely more stuff up there now. I think there are a few tables in the back for card games too. He must be doing something right. He DID make that "Hasbro" comment when I ran into him scalping in NoHo last week. Also, Wormser from Burbank TRU has been known to "deal" with Chubby13 himself, and has told me the same thing to me about the Hasbro account. But is any of it true???

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    I'm lost, Crunch - what Hasbro account comment?
    All Hail Darth Schmitsky!

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    Checked out the new Halo13 tonight- it's nice and big- but still just another scalper shop. However, this is the first time I've been there that he had NOTHING interesting from SW.

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    2 New Grand Admiral Thrawn figures for sale or trade at cost.

    I just got 2 Karrde / Thrawn 2-packs at Wal-Mart (they also had the Breha Organa wave).

    I wish to keep the Karrde figures and will sell Thrawn at exactly half the price. I will ship him loose or send the whole comic pack, slightly opened so I can remove the Karrde figure. It's your choice. I think Bikerscout was interested, but I'd need to go back and review several pages of posts to remember exactly who asked. So PM me and I'm also going to research this thread to see if certain folks here have first dibs on the offer. I'll PM Bikerscout.

    Anyway, Wal-Mart also had the Galactic Heroes from the new Clone Wars Animated Series, and I'm tempted to get them. What the heck do I need THEM for?! I don't know but I won't be surprised if I buy like 5 of those CW 2 packs in the near future (or more).


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    Quote Originally Posted by bikerscout View Post
    Nope. Answers must be posted within one hour of the poll's opening.

    TW -- sound like a Balehater. My only gripe with the performance was Batman's voice. They electronically altered it to make it lower/deeper and it came out terrible. Why not just use the regular voice? It worked for BB. Other than that his acting was fine.
    Nah, Bale is a great actor, I just think the the character is as lame as they come. The suit looks ridiculous and yeah the voice thing just didn't make any sense.
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    The voice thing in TDK was because Christian Bale forgot how he did the voice in BB, it's an unusual growl and he couldn't remember how to replicate it.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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