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    Target had all of this Clone Wars wave that you guys are talking about.

    Also, though I've missed it, they've had the new Tatooine wave. I guess some of you guys found it, but are not posting so lurkers / scalpers aren't advised - but PM if you don't want me to post about this too early in the future. But yeah: Wioslea, Obi-Wan, Trinto/Dice, Brainiac, Luke & Han Troopers, the Jawa and WED droid.

    I didn't see it or get any, but some from my local collecting group did - just not enough yet. I had other things to do this morning myself, so I didn't toy hunt.

    Meanwhile, I bought the R3 droid "Goldie" from Clone Wars, and the Magna Guard Droid from Clone Wars (2 actually, but JT has spoken up for one). I don't want to keep them and will return them if no one wants them, but I'm willing to trade for Brainiac, Trinto, Wioslea, or the Jawa with WED droid. They could also be bought for my cost and shipping, but I'd prefer a trade.
    PM me if you're interested in Goldie or the Magna Guard. They're very cool figures.

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    West Hollywood Target had a single Space Clone, and a Saga Legends Tri-Droid.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I wish I had the space/cash to army build the space clones- they are really cool. Anyone have any extra clean Sandies with black pauldron's that they want to trade for older stuff?

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    I bought the entire CW wave at two of the Targets in Torrance. Plenty of space clones and 212th available as well as Plo-Kloon and Ventress. A coupleo Padmes at one location if you need one. I bought the only Goldie that I've seen.

    Still looking for the gunship...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    West Hollywood Target had a single Space Clone, and a Saga Legends Tri-Droid.
    Gone by the time I got there. However, I stashed a Transformers Universe Cyclonus and Smokescreen at that store if anyone needs/wants them.

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    where the heck's wave 5?? I'm up to my ears in work next week and that's when they'll come out i suspect. m&*%^&%#%^&#!!!!!!!!!!

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    Some of Wave 5 is up on HasbroToyShop. Ordered a Luke Stormie, Han Stormie, 2x Jawa w/WED and 4x Spacetrooper. The rest of the wave will hopefully be up on Monday.

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    Found half of wave 5 at Target Alhambra, but refused to pay $8.79+tax for each figure. A price increase is unjustified. Last week I picked up the AT-TE battle pack for $21.99, now it's $24.79. Not long ago, we got 5 figures for $20, now 4 for $25.

    Can't help but think of Q&As where Hasbro says this is a kid driven line...

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    Did anyone else get and open the Jawa with WED droid? If so, is EVERY arm on the droid supposed to have a hinged arm? One of the arms on mine is one-pieced while all the others are two-pieced. I can't tell from the picture on the package.

    - J

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    I know what you mean. Now is the absolute stupidest time to Hasbro to start raising prices.

    Dumb a$zes.

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