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    TIE Pilot Bust

    Hey fellas,

    I have an extra Gentle Giant Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot mini-bust. The bust is brand new (just came out last week). If anyone would like to purchase, shoot me a PM. I am selling it for cost ($45).
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    Hey guys, I got my SSC exclusive 12" Stormtrooper and I am pretty happy with it. I did have to make some modifications like for example adjust the chest armor to the body so it wouldn't look huge. Here's a picture:

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    That looks really good CommTech. It reminds me of a Stormtrooper!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    That looks really good CommTech. It reminds me of a Stormtrooper!
    I should hope so.

    Culver City Target had the Galactic Heroes Snowspeeder set, I bought it. Ok set, not great, the wheels on the vehicle are kinda fug, the hook & string aren't removable, the cockpit is too large so the figures fit awkwardly and rattle around. But it's not bad, just not great.
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    Finally found an X-Men Origins Deadpool at K-mart. I also received my Sideshow Excl. Snake Eyes. Can't wait to open it tonight when the kids are asleep!

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    Well Dammit, they have not even shipped mine yet !!!!

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    Man it's like tumbleweeds around here lately.

    The only retail item I'm waiting for is Mighty Muggs Old Man Obi Wan.

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    If anyone would like a Gentle Giant TIE Fighter Pilot bust, shoot me a PM.

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    If anyone needs to get rid of a 12" biker scout and speeder bike (loose and cheap, preferably), please pm me.

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    I found the Ki-Adi Mundi / Sharard Hett as well as the Luke Skywalker / Deena Shan comic 2-packs.

    The case was on the floor at Wal-Mart and no one was around so I stocked it for them.

    There was also 2 Wedge / Fey'lyas and an Emperor / Luke, and an Antares / Krieg (why they're still shipping the Imperial Knights has me perplexed).

    But there were only 1 each of Ki and Deena. And those are the new ones. Go figure. (But there were 2 Wedges)

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