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    I haven't for a while, but he's avail at HTS:
    All Hail Darth Schmitsky!

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    Target continues its seemingly random clearances. Today I picked up a couple of Wolverine movie figures (Iceman and Cyclops) for just over $5. There were clearance items for just about every toy line in the aisle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
    Target continues its seemingly random clearances. Today I picked up a couple of Wolverine movie figures (Iceman and Cyclops) for just over $5. There were clearance items for just about every toy line in the aisle.

    good. Now wally and TRU need to follow suit. Esp. w/ Star Wars figures.
    Btw, does anyone have an extra BAD left arm for HK-47?? Could really use one to finish him. Plmk. Will buy or trade.

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    The Star Trek and Terminator stuff needs to be clearanced out so that (I hope) the new product waves from each line can be brought in.

    Playmates should change the skew numbers for the new assortments, but re-releases of the most popular sellers (Spock, Sulu, and Uhura in their SF uniforms) could be included.

    With Terminator, there will be a new John Connor figure (that looks like Bale) but the T-700 might also make a comeback. They could change Marcus by putting him in the trench coat and carding the figure of Blair. Kyle Reese will be essential to see release. I also have the A-10 Warthog jet from this collection, but I've never ever seen it in stores again. They need to get that out more along with the helicopter and tow truck, plus the mototerminators.

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    Anyone have any Masters of the Universe Classics they would like to get rid of?

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    Got my SSC Vader today and it's beautifuuuuuuul!!!!

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    Just got the Republic Fighter Tank at Target. I haven't opened it yet, but to me it doesn't look too exciting.

    I'm going to use one for a gun emplacement for the Clones on for that opening battle scene from the cartoon movie. I'll get a 2nd one for the Chariot LAV used on Myrkr in "Heir to the Empire" by the stormtroopers (when Luke Skywalker met Mara Jade). In an Outer Rim world, even 27 years after the Clone Wars end, it's possible the Empire had to use Old Republic equipment on backwater worlds where smugglers like Talon Karrde set up.

    I also got the extra Spock 3 3/4" figure I was looking for.

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    Culver City Target has a republic fighter tank and some of the new CW figs on the red card. picked up mace, green clone finally, and admiral yularen. left behind a couple jawa sets (they look boring), the gun-arm super battle droid, and cmdr gree.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Sound off if you've found that darn AOTC Evolutions (Padawan) Anakin figure yet, please (and at what stores).

    I think he's coming out on the old card with Beru and Owen.

    I also got the Star Wars Jedi Training Academy Box Set from Walt Disney World from UPS today. It was $49 with s&h and I think it's well worth it. $8 a figure, thereabouts - that's what's in stores (though you have to get a ROTS Vader as one of the figures) and then $9 tax and shipping for the set. That's fair.

    There's 3 Jedi Younglings - all human, a black boy, Asian girl, white boy, and a white male Jedi Knight teacher that's training them. Plus this guy in black that breathes like he has a problem with asthma. I think I've seen the last character in one or more of the Star Wars movies or something.

    I ordered using (407) 363-6200 and be very specific on the phone concerning what you want. Definitely say "3.75" figure set!"

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    Quick question for the TF buffs -- Universe Cosmos - I've been looking for this guy. Is he out yet? Did he already come out & I missed the boat? How can i get him? last search on HTS produced nothing. Some guy at Botcon had one & at Gregg Burger and Michael McConnoughy's (sp?) panel -he brought it to give to Mike. (The OG voice). Don't know how that guy got it though.

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