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    Picked up 2 DSTs, 2 Obi/Alpha & Quin/Villie Comic Packs as well as 1 each of the McFett and McTrooper today from my local (Ontario) TRU.

    It looks like they are getting the Wave 2.5 cases as there were no Biggs or Honor Guards.

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    I finally got a V-Wing and Biggs today.

    Vader coin albums were $6.98 at my local Targets and dwindling in number so i bought one since i probably won't see anymore.

    TRU Los Feliz has a wall full of craptacular TF Movie protoforms.

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    Hey Toon, how was Burbank target today?

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    Burbank Target had full pegs of Saga once again- they were practically empty yesterday.

    There was one TAC Super Battle Droid from yesterday, and the Luke that I returned last night. I'm guessing that means they didn't put any TAC out today. Looks like all the Vader/Albums are gone (didn't see them yesterday either.)

    Anyone have a DS Trooper leftover?

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    Warning to Burbank Target Goers!!!!

    Someone you think is a cool Star Wars Collector ends up to be a total JERK! I've help some people out on these boards... I've even helped him out in that store and he throws collecting edict out the window today!! The guy with the long hair that drives the Mustang is a A-HOLE! Today they stocked the TAC revision wave at Target... I grab a Boba and he does also. But then I go down to the bottom peg where there is a McStormie and grab it... then as I am taking it off of the peg he just takes it out of my hands saying he needs that one! Where's the edict with this guy! If he woulda just asked I would of been more then happy to hand it over to him!!! He should know that being that I handed him a V-Wing a while ago just because I really don't need to buy vehicles right now and he was bummed he didn't get one! What a Jerk! So I know Toon and Swabie know him and see him at that store and sometime TRU but beware. He's not as cool as you think... He'll just grab it even if it's in your hand.. Oh Yeah! and he proceeded to talk trash about me to some other guy I've never seen before as IO over heard it on the other aisle. That's when I got really made and gave him a piece of my mind! What an A-HOLE!!!!

    thanks for letting me rant!

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    Man, that sucks! I thought he was cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Commtech View Post
    Man, that sucks! I thought he was cool.
    Thanks... I'm just really bummed out by his actions it sucks kinda ruined collecting SW for me again...

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    Dont worry Karma is a ***** he will get his

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    Quote Originally Posted by JodyB View Post
    Thanks... I'm just really bummed out by his actions it sucks kinda ruined collecting SW for me again...
    Man, that sucks!!! I got there late this morning cuz I felt like crap when I woke up, I saw him in the register line and figured I missed out on stuff, but there was plenty of non-McQ figures left. Didn't know there was drama similar to the Hot Wheels fiasco on Saturday! Sorry I wasn't there to toss out a "Dude, WTF?"

    So I picked up a DST (one left on pegs along with a pair of Lukes, 3 Hans, and 1 each of Mace, Obi, R2, Miner, RHG, SBD, Airborne, and GM.. I think that's it, but it was definitely nice to see so many on the pegs when the Target employees don't even have the right tags out!) and another POTC Marty for custom fodder.

    Jango had it right yesterday, nothing great out. Skipped TRU since it was a bust on Saturday, saw Spidey 3 instead

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    By the way, thanks for the McFett Toonimator!

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