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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRupert View Post
    Yep. I was tempted too. Also really tempted by the AT-TE for $50, I just don't know what the heck I'd do with it!
    One of the clone cash coupons I have would bring it down to just $45. Very, very tempting!

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    A buddy of mine bought the AT-TE today and brought it over so I could check it out. I have to say, I'm impressed. It's very, very cool and a steal for $50. I'll be picking one up tomorrow I think...
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    Found the "Beneath the Helmet" Wal-Mart exclusive 2 packs this morning with JodyB at Wal-Mart

    Just like the other 2 packs, they are $12.96 each.
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    I found remnants of the TPM Legacy wave at Valencia Target today. All that was left were the repack figures - Jawa, Luke stormie, Han stormie and Biker Scout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jango Speck View Post
    TRU is selling the BMF for $79.99 today and Monday only. I was so tempted, but decided to buy a ceiling fan instead at OSH.
    Good call! Home is first.

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    Deleting posts?

    Someone deleted my two posts from last night. How did this happen?

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    i told u starting the 666th page would be bad

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    Yesterday i came across the commando and pilots evolutions at porter ranch walmart (had to pay the full 24.98)depressed by not finding the imp pilots i went to my local walmart today and found a s*load of evolutions when iwent to purchase the imp pilots i missed they did not ring up as usual i told him it was 14.96 and it worked (f.y.i.: go to electronics to ring out their to lasy to check) i then went home to gather more cash and go back to repurchase the others and return the rediculously priced 24.98 ones. when i got back they were removed from the shelf but i did come across a supposedly rare sandstorm chebacca mynock only to find on my way out a disturbed collector with a y-wing at the checkout probably upset by the evolutions and thus him prob being the reason they were removed. - thats my rant i know its long no sign of the tpm wave or occtuparra droid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jango Speck View Post
    Someone deleted my two posts from last night. How did this happen?
    eh??? Why are posts getting deleted???

    I have an extra set of the Clone Wars 2 packs available if anyone needs them.

    Thire & Rys and Yoda & Jek.

    Lemme know.

    Anyone seen the new Target Exclusive Battlepacks yet???
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    What I posted last night was this:

    I'm selling two Acme Giclees from the original Clone Wars cartoon. One is Light of the Jedi, and the other is Shadow of the Sith. They are $89 each (original price) unframed, or $100 with the metal black frame that I put them in.

    BTW, TRU has converted the front main display area back to Star Wars, perhaps in anticipation of CW season 2?

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