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    Is anyone finding the Target Easter Lego mini X-Wing and Republic Attack Shuttles at any of the local stores?

    I've only seen them once, did not buy the X-Wing but would like one now.
    I was able to pick up both sets at the Target in Valencia about two weeks ago, I didn't hesitate on these like the Xmas sets because they sold out fast at both of my local Targets. I guarantee that these will be gone way before Easter and I don't know if they will get any more shipments before Easter.

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    WeHo Target had a few Clone Wars Aayla Secura figs, I bought one. They gave her a new, slimmer jetpack (Jango styled but Bly colors), and a removable small armor plate over her collarbone area that also has a removable breathing mask, plus she has removable goggles. The figure is a little awkward though, I don't think the articulation works too well with her slender limbs, and her upper body being SO much smaller than her lower body makes her look like she has a huge hips and butt - on the show, her torso was a little more balanced even with the tiny waist, but here they let the bulkier shoulder design carry that. Oh, and watch out for mispainted eyes, one of the ones they had was walleyed and my figure has it a little too.
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    Is anyone finding the TRU exclusive He-man/Superman 2 packs or the exclusive DCUC Batman (modern grey costume)?

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    found another IM2 war machine comic version. Didn't stash though. Sorry. PM or text for location. 269-4106 area code 818. Txt will be faster b/c I won't get to my pm's for a while due to late work

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    At Sears Essentials (K-Mart) they had the Yuuzhan Vong / Kyle Katarn comic 2-pack ($14). They also had Darth Krayyt and Lumaya w. Luke.
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    I stashed a comic series War Machine at La Brea Target. PM me if you need it.

    Los Feliz TRU has 24 Cybertron Ratchets on the pegs! Something is definitely going on with the lack of Arcees, most likely cherrypicking from the stock room.

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    don't care much about the animated Arcee, but it is cool. Want the Impossible toys T.R.N.S.-01. I'm hoping the toy's as good as the animation they put out.

    pm comin to ya brand. (not about the comic WM, so feel free whoever needs it -and i know where another one is, it's just not stashed. PM for location)

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    My local walmart got the new Star wars comic packs !!
    IG97, Rom Mohc and General weir, Storm commando (biker scout repaint)

    I did not like the 14.99 price tag so I passed on both.

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    I was at the Stevenson Ranch WM on Friday night and there were 2 AT-ST's on the shelves, but before you rush over to snag one, they were both marked back up to the full $44 price.

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    found the walmart comic packs at anahiem walmart last night on the way home from disney all were bent thanks to some jerk off. And the desert ambush bp at target in sherman oaks. Also could not believe what i saw at the norwalk walmart not 1 not 2 but 5 gelagrub patrol battle packs which some moron bought and returned replacing the clone commander with and obiwan clonewars general. that means they would have spent $35 on obiwans and $130 on battlepacks just to do this swap. i know moneys tight right now but come on and no one caught it way to go walmart employees way to use that G.E.D.

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