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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars View Post
    It's sad how cheap those new TF Look. I remember them looking better than that and they had metal components.
    vehicle modes look alright. robot mode is a whole different story. swindle has a camera lens for a head??? bonecrusher has no distinguishable facial features???

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    the leader class Optimus Prime is going to be awesome and have metal parts similar to the old school TF toys. They're also releasing a more complex Bumblebee that will be a little larger than the deluxe models out now. The deluxe class out now is pretty weak I agree.

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    Found a lone Sith Infiltrator at Valencia Target over the weekend. They finally put out some TAC 2 figures and all were present except McFett. All the other stores in the area were a complete bust.

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    Same here this morning Wave 2 TAC at La Cienaga/Rodeo Target but no McFett.

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    Got to Burbank Target around 8:10, recognized Commtech's car leaving so I figured I missed something if he was leaving so 'late'. I was right! They'd put out at least 3 cases of Wave 2, naturally all the Bobas--and ONLY the Bobas--were gone unless both Biggs, both Hans, both DSTs, and one RHG and Luke were bought from a 4th case. My guess is the 7th RHG & Luke figures were returns or leftovers. In a sad attempt to save any latecomers the effort of searching through the pegs, I organized 'em by character, 6 to each peg (except RHG & Luke), and split the handful of TSCs among 2 pegs which weren't close to full. Still plenty of room for another case or two to make it out.

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    Yep, Toon is right. There were a total of 6 Bobas, from which I got 4. Mike, the other guy who looks like headhphones, took one and the other one someone else must have gotten it. I'm keeping 2 and the other 2 are going to 2 members here who I know need them and have already pm'd. After missing Boba TWICE from the HasbroToyShop, this is a good way to make up for it!!

    But, I also left target 'late' 'cause I had to buy some groceries for the wife.

    I went to K-mart afterwards, there was nothing star wars related. They did have the Optimus Prime movie helmet, TF movie plush toys and other TF movie merchandise which was being removed from the pegs because some stupid employee put it out sooner than it should be. The release date of the toys is not until June 2nd as the lady employee removing them told me.

    TRU Burbank, had nothing new. Ultra titaniums are still there, a bunch of Banthas, x-wings, at-ats, etc.

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    General Grievous Bust

    Hey guys,

    I have a Gentle Giant General Grievous bust for sale - $55 - if anyone needs it. Still mint in package, never displayed. I somehow ended up with an extra one.

    PM me if anyone would like it - it is one of the coolest busts Gentle Giant ever did.

    As far as finds go, nothing new for me. Haven't hit any stores since mid-last week. Supposedly my set of VTAC and TAC Wave 3 are shipping out from D & S this week - got my fingers crossed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by santosha View Post
    Same here this morning Wave 2 TAC at La Cienaga/Rodeo Target but no McFett.
    Someone must have cleaned out these figures, because at around 11am, only a Luke and a Han were still on the pegs.

    Wow, I ordered my TAC 2 case from EE a day after must of you guys, and it's still on backorder.

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    Sorry if I had know I would have stashed them

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    McFett and McStormie were just up on HTS for all of 5 min. Still plenty of Airbornes and Marines left.
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