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    getting sick of going to target and seeing 100 Bane/Ig-86 packs and no senate commando packs. Really? army builders --how many do you need? 10 packs? if it's not that then it's scalpers. Geezus... ridiculous

    haven't put any figures in the at-at yet, no put any batteries in. Lots of play value once i get both of those started. Wow, the AT-AT is really humongous!! (No, not the mad max 'Big Humongous'!)
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    Anyone still looking for CW Camo ARF's? HTS has them in stock and EXCLUSIVE20 is good for 20% off.

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    Sean the Hutt
    Here, there seem to be a few senate commando packs around here. I bought one set. I did not really like the looks of it but I got it.
    If you have a connection out in San Diego...

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    very tempting Bran, but just ordering 1 guy would be $13+ after shipping & tax. I'd split an order with someone if they wanted to save shipping. lmk

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    Found CW wave 4 at target in west hollywood this morning. shakk, embo, boba, r4-p17, and mando. only one set so theres no more there. But if your looking for camo arfs there are 2 or 3 there as we speak.

    Also think im gonna start a thread on the ending of TFU 2 i dont want to spoil anything but did anyone else notice that vader does something for starkiller in the lightside ending that sidious failed to do for him? its more of an observation but through there conversation and what proxy says its kind of obvious. Heres the thread post your thoughts ***spoilers inside****
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkKnight4516 View Post
    Found CW wave 4 at target in west hollywood this morning. shakk, embo, boba, r4-p17, and mando.
    Found 2 of these this morning. I grabbed Fett and R4-P17. Must have just missed the others.

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    Three Sgt. Brics and one Nahvar Vebb showed up in my mailbox yesterday.

    [FONT=Arial Narrow]

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    this is old, but when i went lookin for at-ats last week, the burbank Kmart had a jodo kast. No at-ats though (last wed. i think), dunno if they replenished since then.

    crunchy -- horror nights is over, i'll have a more flexible schedule now. lmk when u wanna meet up. (gotta go to universal tomorrow too, in fact)

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    Did some quick errands/store runs last night. PC wally had some at-ats for $79. They also had TVC marked to $6 each. I balked at the prospect of returning the ones i got for $8 at wally & target b/c I'd already swapped some out for the $10 TRU vintage. Too much hassle, time & gas to do another swap i figured. Saw the new mid-size vehicles and a few sen. commando packs at sepulveda target last nite too. A little too pricey on those double packs. Those damn bane/ig-86 packs will pegwarm forever just like the 1st geonosis packs.

    By now i'm sure everyone knows the Slave I UBP is on sale at TRU for $79. I tried to get a price adjust for a BP (down to 19.99), but I didn't have anything to show there was a sale. Does anyone have the physical ad from that sale? I could sure use it.

    edit: forgot to mention pc wally also had 3 HA Shadowblade sideswipes w/mikaela. Looked cool, but i don't collect that line. I got HA jazz b/c it looked so awesome, but decided to return it due to finances. If it ever goes on clearance though..................
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    Hasbro Toy Shop has Animated Boba Fett, Shaak-Ti, Embo, Plo Koon's starfighter, etc. right now.

    It doesn't look like they charged me shipping - and they are cheaper than Wal-Mart, Target, especially Toys R Us in most cases, I think. Unless there are sales or Promo Codes.

    I was ignorant of that last issue. But I got my figures.

    Now I just want the training Clone (Hevvy - that's the way it's spelled I think). I wonder if I should buy 4 Hevvys or if they are going to eventually make the whole squad with Fivs, and Echo - and whichever one I'm forgetting.
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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