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I would have ordered if I could have gotten some or all of the 6 Death Star Troopers I wanted from that wave - but they were no where to be found. That makes me wonder why. Why would the concept Fetts be left and no Luke Ceremony or Han Gunner Station? You'd figure the Luke and Han might pegwarm even if the others were army builders - but not a limited edition Fett.
Good question. I was thinking maybe they mislabeled it and it's actually McQuarrie Stormtrooper we'll be getting (which would be okay with me). I wish they would've had the Death Star Trooper and Rebel Honor Guards as well - would've grabbed a few of each.

After shipping (less than $1 a figure for my order) and tax (no tax charged), each figure cost $8.75 a piece. Not too shabby. And I won't have to race the likes of Headphones and Jackie Chan to the pegs for them.