Hey hey. Stopped in on a Valley Target this afternoon and ran into a fellow Star Wars fan. For more on that proceed to paragraph 2. What I walked away with was a set of Order 66 figures. The kind clerk brought out 3 cases and put them all on the endcap. This was about 2 hours ago, tho, so you might want to call them before heading over. PM me for the locale. I will answer for the next hour or so.

Meanwhile, back to the fellow toy collector I ran into... I don't know what to make of the situation. I saw him waiting in the toy aisle with an empty cart, so I greeted him and asked if there was anything cool being brought out from the back room. He replied negative and said he was waiting for his girlfriend. I told him I was looking for the Order 66 figures and he told me there were a ton of them on the shelf at a Target a few miles away and to go there. He then ragged on the figures' paint jobs and said he'd checked the DPCI at this store already - they had nothing.

So as I wandered off to do some other shopping, I see the guy who manages the toy department calling to my fellow collector: "I need that number again!" Perhaps he'd requested some other item? But he told me he was waiting for his girlfriend.

I asked a different clerk to run the number and she came up with multiple locations in the stock room. When I returned to the toy aisle, the other toy collector was gone and the toy department manager was approaching with three cases of Order 66.

Very strange. This fellow collector was always very straightforward about things in the past, willing to share, and knows I'm not the type to jump on someone else's stash. Yet here he was telling me he'd already had them run the number and the store was dry. I didn't see him checking out so I have no idea what he bought.

Moral of the story: trust no one, always double check for yourself!!

- J