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    Or is it a Minkey

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    Quote Originally Posted by santosha View Post
    Jody B why do you assume he is a scalper?
    It's true that not everyone who runs and hoards is a scalper. Some people will be fair and they are to be commended though.

    I Army-Build, and I also buy for friends of mine: Tony, Dexter, James, & Darren, and now it seems Jose has decided he's back in the game. Mike Sullenger from Galactic Hunter used to be in our group but seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. But that means I'd buy 6 of some figure if need be, not to mention more if any of us are army-building with it.

    That being said, I'll share with anyone who's physically there when I'm cleaning up the pegs - scalper or not, but it'll be an even split between who's ever going for the stuff. At my stores, there's hardly anyone anyway. Plus the other guys on my "team" hit their own local stores so we aren't double-covering anything. I usually cell phone or get cell phoned at 8:10 am anyway when stuff hits - but we all generally find stuff at the same time at our respective stores so we don't do much trading except when one of us needs to army build. There's this guy Rob that trades with Dexter outside of our group, and he covers the same stores as me sometimes, so I'd like to share with him if the opportunity presents itself if only because he's cool and not like one of these runners you'd described.

    (We did have that guy no one's ever seen who showed up and then RAN for Dog Food though no one knew it and everyone chased him! Haha. He must have done that purposely as he knew he'd get that response, else he'd have been completely freaked as to why 5 guys would chase him through a store to buy dog food! "The Gravy Train" LOL)
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    Good comments I usually try to get one to collect and one for my son to open other than that Im all for sharing with just about anyone. Ive been visiting the same stores for many years now as they are my way to work, in fact that is how I met funny money and he turned me on to this site and for that I thank him. Its hard sometimes when you role up to check whats on the pegs and there is a bunch of guys waiting at the door and no one talks, so you try to get to the pegs without looking like a fool. You see guys sprinting Ive even had guys reach over the top of me trying to grab figures , but I try to stay mellow because as a friend of mine used to say
    " He with the most toys still dies".
    Once again thanks for the comments

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    Thanks to Jango Speck for the ultra mint on card Concept Trooper!

    Hey Toon, did you go to Burbank target today? Was there anything new?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toonimator View Post
    Please tell us he dresses in black, has slicked-back hair, tiny glasses, and a pained look on his face?

    ...and maybe a monkey?
    pretty much... runs to the Star Wars Section first with a basket and then fast walks over to Hot Wheels after, Hops in his car and speeds over to the other target and runs to the back of the toys... has all the characteristics of a scalper... and I hard him talking to another scapler about "Hot Toys"... Scapler

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    Any time Commtech- thanks for the Appo. BTW, there are 3 Endor AT-ATs on the top shelf at Burbank TRU. They also have lots of Lego Clone Battlepacks in stock.

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    Hit a bunch of Targets & a Walmart and found some more Order 66 packs & TAC basic figures. No sign of V-wing or Infiltrator.

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    Found Neyo BP at Super WalMart in Valencia today. Also picked up 3 galactic marines. They still had about 3 more on the pegs along with some airbornes and lots of the other characters. No concept troopers, though, which is the only remaining one I need from this wave. Target had nothing (literally) on the pegs for Star Wars.

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    Went by Eagle Rock Target a little late 10.00am, nothing new only Obi Wan TAC on pegs.

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    Seems like most the area Targets have been cleaned out of Order 66 due to the DCPI gimmick. Still need an opener Mace/Galactic Marine and then I'm done with them.

    Pacoima Target had one TAC Obi and 6 TAC Coin Albums today at 11AM, along with some clearanced Ilum BPs. Picked up an extra Coin Album (wanted the Vader coin).

    Hit KB and picked up 2 more Appos. KB had TAC, but none of the army builders. Plenty of Spider-Man 3 figures everywhere.
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