There's one Target in my area that I have to give a lot of props too. They have never, ever been anything but pleasant to me. Their employees are just overall nice. I have a perfect batting average with the DPCI. Not that that means everything. They're entitled to say no as long as they don't lie. But even when they hesitate, they're cool about it.

Like this morning, the employee was totally willing to check the Order 66 DPCI. The only thing he said was, "The only thing is maybe we're not supposed to put it out yet." But then he quickly added, "But I'll try to get it for you." He came back with a case. Now, if someone more senior had told him not to do that, who am I to hold that against him? He shouldn't get in trouble because I want some toys.

I appreciate honesty and courtesy. As long as the "red shirts" do that, it doesn't matter as much if they pull something for me or not. I realize that a lot of these "anti-collector" policies come from the top and from mid-manager types. Personally, I think most employees wouldn't mind pulling stuff from the back if they didn't think it might get them in trouble.