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    Burbank Target reset this morning... naturally, I was 15 minutes late getting there. Plumber Bob & Boxcar Willy were leaving the parking lot when I arrived... got in, there were 2 R2s, 2 Obis, a Mace, and an SBD (PM for stash!) left of TAC. They also had a bunch of Vader coin albums, and 3 of the new Nerf blasters (2 clone 1 rebel). Tons of POTC:AWE figures and deluxe (bought the Deluxe Elizabeth) and most of the other toys for that line, a bunch of Spidey 3, and Marvel Signature Series "Legends" Cyclops-in-Astonishing-X-Men-outfit... not sure if it's exclusive or not, but it was $20 like the exclusive Punisher & 1st App Spidey were and there were 6 of him, no other characters. No SW vehicles, and a gray sticker on the vehicle tag. No peg at the moment for Expanded Universe sets, either (hopefully the "week of 4/8" SW mini-reset for the Order 66 endcap will return them, just in time for Wave 2)

    In the Hot Wheels aisle were two guys I didn't recognize gabbing over the cars, and later another stranger went through the cars for awhile, taking a few, while two other guys I didn't recognize hit the action figure aisle, making a beeline for SW. One guy left empty-handed, I think, the other left with 2 coin albums. Weird! Someone must've put a call out, or something. I do wonder what Bob & Willy made off with...

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    I don't use the DPCI for the same item at the same story more than once. In general, I think the DPCI trick is a two-sided sword. You can get someting early, but I think the more it's used, or overused when people get like 3 cases plus at once or something, the more likely that employees and more importantly managers will tighten policies on pulling stuff.

    I use the DPCI trick as a pressure valve. It releases that feeling of "I have to have that," you know? Once I got a set of TAC 1 using the DPCI I felt no urge to use the DPCI again, even at another store. I could wait till they hit the shelves, and actually, I've found 2 more Marines just by walking up to a shelf.

    Same thing with Order 66. I got a set of all 6. I'm happy. If I were want an extra of one or two of the clone sets, I'll just wait till they hit stores. But there's this psychological need we all have as collectors to grab as much stuff as we want as soon as possible. Eventually I think it will backfire and Target will get even stingier on pulling stuff. As it is, I don't know why they have those DPCI machines out there, since they're so conflicted about it.
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    I tried a few more Targets this morning looking for V-wings and struck out again. They've all got little gray dots on the price sticker, so that means they're on order and should be here soon.

    Anyone who's found these know the case ratio?

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    Quote Originally Posted by santosha View Post
    [FONT=Arial]This is what I believe a case will be on wave2
    The thing is that Hasbro said there'd be 1 McQuarrie concept figure per case, IIRC.

    Glad to hear the Order-66 sets smell so good, CrunchyNug
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    The thing is that Hasbro said there'd be 1 McQuarrie concept figure per case, IIRC.

    Glad to hear the Order-66 sets smell so good, CrunchyNug
    There are indeed 2 McQuarrie Boba Fetts per case in Wave 2. Seems like the rest will be one-per-case, but Hasbro (smartly) realized the demand for this figure in particular.

    In other news, my TAC Wave 2 case shipped today! Should be in hand in a few days.
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    That number was based on a case from EE, In the past when I have got a case from them it is a hasbro box sealed. But who knows.
    Also just got an email from Master Replicas, that if you are a member there is a Celeb 4 Party happening at Jim Henson Company lot and you can bring a guest. Will take my son to stoke his mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by santosha View Post
    Just found a set of Order 66 at La Cienaga Target, there is still another set there , looks liked they opened one box. No Price on shelf but it was in the system. Jefferson Target had Obi and R2 TAC only.
    It was like you guys said they just randomly put them out.
    I was just there at 11am and didn't see anything. Were you there much earlier?

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    Yes I get there at 8.15 on the way to work

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    Just came back from TRU Burbank. They have 3 kasshyyk clones if anyone's interested. Actually the whole wave except Appo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jango Speck View Post
    I've only been successful at Burbank twice lately- once for TAC, the other for Order 66. I always use different people at different times of day- and am very polite. I definitely didn't clean them out- I only asked for one case or 1/2 in the instance of Order 66. Trust me, some guys are pulling multiple cases in one shot, but I'm not complaining. I've hooked people up with leftovers, even you I think...

    Today I asked about them because of the alleged 3/25 release which didn't happen. Most of the time when they bring stuff out to me, it's already open and something is missing. I've been hitting other Targets in the area, and in OC and SD counties, with some success, but not always. Once wave 2 comes out, I'm not doing this anymore since all the cases have the same DPCI and you can't expect the redshirts to read the box for the wave number- that'd really **** them off.
    Oh I know you picked up a Concept Trooper for, I'm just saying if you do use the DPIC #, just don't abuse it. That's all.
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