OK, the signs went up at my Target yesterday.

I talked with the Toys Team Leader. He was nice while he was lying through his teeth. We talked for a while, too. But I caught him not being truthful with me.

First, he said to continue coming in the morning - they stock overnight. "Stock" is a technical term. There is also "Replenish," which they do periodically throughout the day. As it turns out, Star Wars is not STOCKED, it is REPLENISHED - after the morning collector crowd disappears. I went at store opening yesterday and walked away with nothing. I went again a few hours later, and they had the ships and figures (Wave 1 though). So they were REPLENISHED after our morning group left.

They also had the rainchecks out. I took one each for my V-wings. I intend to get the discount. I don't really care too much about the whole $5-6 I'll save between two of them by going through at a lower price. But I care about being "paid" for my time listening to the Team Leader's lies.

I heard him brush on the subject that "if they put them out in the morning, it's an issue because the 'collectors' would buy out their whole inventory and when Moms & Kids came in, they'd have nothing. Thus they're purposely trying to hold stock for their normal hours customers - that's why I find them during the day. It is still playing games AGAINST your loyal customers who are the collectors if no one else.

Anyway, the issue is also that there's no way to perfectly determine sales. They could order too much and if the Infiltrator starts to sit, you get the picture. If they sell through their item (possibly all to one scalper / fleet building collector - as many of us would take 2 v-wings), they can't get their stock re-ordered fast enough.

But they're in business to make money. However, I can see how later-in-the-day tickets would be larger (people buying shampoo, clothes, and cookiees while the ship is an impulse buy). I don't know what the answer is. However, I got the rainchecks and it is my intention to visit the same Target at least twice more today. After I'm done with Wave 2 (and I might just find the Galactic Heroes I'm missing) and I get the ships at the lower price, I won't have any reason to go toy shopping for a long while:

Future purchases:

Star Trek - at Comic Con, or it can be e-ordered
Terminator - nothing
Transformers - nothing (I'm not going for the movie junk when that hits. I have the Alts)
Star Wars - wave 3, SideShow Bubo (not in stores), New Galactic Heroes (non-priority)

So I barely buy new toys. I just don't like to be jerked around when I do!