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    I stashed one set of Order 66- PM for the 411!

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    Hit Target Manhattan Beach. I was bump drafted to the Star Wars section by a 60yr old Hot Wheeler. TAC WAVE 2! Luckily the lone Fett was on my set of pegs. The guy was so frantic that I stepped back and said, "Go ahead...". He said, "I'm only looking for one". Guess which one it was? LOL. He stood there as if I were going to hand it to him. He said," Ah, I found two last week any way", before he scurried off to join the other two scabs drooling over the HW section. Here's the thing,.. one Boba Fett. Looked like two cases were out. I know they went out the back door. I was there earlier this weekend and they were listed as "IN STOCKROOM- YES". I asked about the figures and I was passed off to 3 different Targeteers. The last guy knew WAY too much about the case breakdowns and bragged that last week, he found three Batmobile Hot Wheels worth $10 a piece. The figures I was interested in "are the old wave" he said ... Whatever.

    Went to TRU La Cienega and found zero. However I did finally meet Jody B! We shared stories of Hot Wheel douche bags and 'runners' and had a good chat.

    BTW I had wanted to stash the rest of TAC 2 but the HW guy was hovering and I wanted out of there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by toonimator View Post
    I picked up another AT-AT Driver for fodder, and checked on my Ilum BP stash -- still there! And finally marked down to $4.98, so now I'm the proud owner of two nifty chameleon droids, Jerjerrod-eyebrow Padme, and an outdated 3PO & R2 set :P Almost caved and bought the Anakin/501st set. Maybe later.
    I forgot to mention that I returned 2 sets of Ilum BPs to that Target Saturday night. I managed to save myself about $30.

    Also went to La Cienega Target today to pick up my Transformers Battle for Autobot City 2 pack I'd stashed. Not bad for $4.98. I noticed that they also had endcaps upfront by the registers earmarked for Order 66, like Burbank. Were they put out on Saturday?

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    Jango - PM sent for the Order 66 stash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkagent View Post
    Jango - PM sent for the Order 66 stash.
    Check your PM's for the 411.

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    "Star Wars" the way it was meant to be....

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    Toonimator- PM sent for Appo stash

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    Darth Maul Lightsaber

    Picked up the Master Replicas Darth Maul FX Lightsaber for half price at a local store. They had a few left - if anyone wants one, PM me for store info.
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    I stashed a titanium cylon raider at Van Nuys Target on Sepulveda. If interested, pm me.

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    Hey for you lucky guys that hit the stores in the morning I'm looking for a couple of Mace's with Marine, Anakin's with Airborne and Vader's with Bow. Anyone seen any V Wings? I haven't seen any so far.
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