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    La Cienaga / Rodeo Target had Order 66 near front registers this morning. No wave 2 TAC. It was still there at 8.30 this morning. Culver city Target had nothing but did see an old lady who was at least seventy check hot wheels for I guess was her 40 year old son. Do you have this one or this one, dont know if he was a scalper but I though it was an interesting event.

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    Burbank Target stocked even MORE TSCs today, completely filling all the TSC pegs and both TAC pegs. 3 Appos, 1 Combat Engineer, several R2s and Veers and 3POs and AT-AT Drivers, and a veritable army of DS Gunners are haunting the pegs along with at least 3 Carkoon Fetts and oodles of other stuff we all got weeks if not months ago. May be awhile before Wave 2 shows up there on the pegs again

    I picked up the NERF Rebel Blaster since it now comes in blue! Not as good as the black from Comic Con (and the back of the first batch of packaging), but better than the green it had been. The back of the blue box shows the blue Rebel blaster, clone blaster, AND a blue Grievous blaster. Ugh.

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    Saw the full Saga pegs at Target- it's a great day if you are a kid who missed all that good stuff from last year. I can't believe they have all this Saga stock coming in, and they won't put out TAC. Will we ever see Legends? (Not that I care).

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    Quote Originally Posted by sithseeker View Post
    Hi guys, been a while since I posted. Any opinions on these order 66 packs? Any good or not worth the time? Thanks.
    If you like to keep your collection in the package, it's a nice set to have. If you like to open stuff, and you're a fan of clones, it's a mixed bag. Some of the clones are really cool looking(the Galactic Marine stands out in my opinion), and some round out your troops nicely because they are specific commanders, like Commander Bow and Commander Thire. The Airborne trooper has the typical helmet problems and the Utapau driver looks good with other Utapau clones, even if you just get one or two of them. The Kashyyk trooper is horrible though.
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    I agree, my son I opened the Commander Thire last night and he has two pistols and would work with the red clones for army building. Yes the Kashyyk trooper looks like a 2 yr old painted it.

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    I met a Rebelscummer in the toy isle at my Target. He was cool. And I talked to that guy I met a few weeks ago at Sears, as he was there, too.

    The guy from RS had wave 2 from another Target, (as well as the Order-66 packs) but was looking for more Wave 2. He was cool and we talked for about an hour actually, as did the other guy I knew from Sears. It was kind of a mini-convention of sorts.

    There was an employee "zoning" the toys at the time, but nothing got stocked. I think he might've just been waiting for us to leave. I'm not sure.
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    Forgot to mention, I gave the Sith Infiltrator to my gal's son for Easter, so I got to play with it a bit. I actually like it a lot! I don't care for the spongy landing gear that make it lean to one side mostly, but the wings are neat, the missiles too (okay the probe droid ones are kinda lame), and it looks neat in 'battle mode'. Cockpit looked nice and fit plenty of figures. I doubt I'll get one for myself, but I would've loved it as a kid. G/f's son enjoyed it too, liked capturing figures as if the opening front was a clamp, like so many toys have done in the past.

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    Hey everyone, if Burbank keeps getting in Appos, please stash some for me!


    to add to Luuuuke's comments about Order 66, Commander Bow has some strange orange-ish markings around the knees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    Hey everyone, if Burbank keeps getting in Appos, please stash some for me!
    Toonimator and others must have had their fill by now, because at 9am, I grabbed the two remaining Appos. It might start getting easier to find them now.

    UPDATE: I have two extra carded TAC Airbornes that I'll be returning to Target this weekend. PM me if you are interested. I'm willing to trade one for a Concept Stormie, if anyone has an extra.

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    Yep, I have 2 Appos for myself, but that's it. I'd rather wait for the Legends 501st to get a few more for the ranks.

    This morning was pretty good at Target! Commtech and swabie can spill the beans on their finds, but they got good stuff. Commtech gave me the only McFett there (more shady Target pulls in the stockroom) and later got a call from a friend at La Brea Target who grabbed 2 Fetts for him, so his karma was good to him Thanks again! I also bought Luke and Biggs, so my Wave 2 set's complete. Time for extras!

    Also got an Obi-Wan spring-action saber for my g/f. She might be turning into a Star Wars geek after all! I opened Fett -- awesome! Only disappointing bits are how loose the waist joint & belt are and how soft the rangefinder and flamethrower stem are. Looks great, poses well, and that blaster will make a nice stand-in for Fett's ESB sidearm with the stock removed. This is the real beginning of the new McQuarrie line in my book, and it's off to a good start!

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