My Target's shown no signs of TAC wave 2. I didn't go Thursday, however.

Today they had stocked:

New Unleashed packs with Tuskens, Greedo/Garindan, Jawas/R5 etc. That stuff looks good actually, but I don't want to collect it.

BattlePacks: Geonosis and Dagobah X2

Vehicles - new (old) case:
Vader's Sith Starfighter
Hailfire x 2
AAT Tank
White TIE Fighter x 2

Figures (all Saga):
AT-AT Driver
Yoda x 2
Jango Fett
C-3PO w. Battle Droid head option
R2D2 Hoth
Darth Vader Bespin
Luke Endor
Endor Rebel (white)
Obi-Wan (TPM)
Obi-Wan (E3 GB I think)
Anakin x 2 (E3 GB also I think)
General Grievous

Maybe I'm missing someone from my list, but it wasn't any TAC or anyone new.

I have to give them credit for this: if newbies enter the isle, they would have much of what they need. I am starting to see guys (approximately 30 years old) show up who I've never seen before. A guy quickly ducked out of the Star Wars toys when I arrived late today (8:05 am). They didn't have anything I missed though. That much I could tell.

But I don't know if he was a newbie or an alternate-area-shopper (like a guy away from his home-store). I didn't figure him for a scalper though. He didn't look like a scalper*

*How a person can look like a scalper (before they have toys in hand):

- they've worn the same clothes all week.
- they are unkempt, like they don't need to take care of themselves because all they do is stalk retail toy isles.
- they look like they live between retail store openings and swap meet hours without much sleep
- they carry themselves anti-socially such that they aren't enthusiastic about the stuff so much as they don't see their lives getting any better so they can do anything else.

- An "eBay fat cat" might not fit this stereotype. They're pretty dangerous, too. As they've been successful doing this somehow. They might be proprietorship store owners, but usually the ones smart enough to not have Hasbro direct accounts.